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On November 7, 2022 By Owen Weimann

Who Does the English Dub for Young Royals?

As Young Royals on Netflix is originally made in the Swedish language, many viewers love it in the English version...
On November 4, 2022 By Reality Writer

Edvin Ryding’s Girlfriend: Who Is the Young Royals Cast Dating?

Edvin Ryding's girlfriend or who he is dating is currently trending ever since the release of Season 2 of Young...
On November 4, 2022 By Owen Weimann

Is Edvin Ryding LGBTQ/Gay? Sexaulity of the Young Royals Cast Examined!

Edvin Ryding, one of the cast members of Netflix's Young Royals, is neither LGBTQ nor gay. We have to assume...
On November 4, 2022 By Natalia Romanova

Is Omar Rudberg Gay? Learn About the Young Royals Cast's Sexuality!

No, Omar Rudberg is neither gay nor straight. Talking about his sexuality, the Young Royals cast previously stated that he...
On November 4, 2022 By Allan Ivanov

Omar Rudberg’s Boyfriend/BF: Who Is the Young Royals Cast Dating in 2022?

Omar Rudberg, one of the cast members of Netflix's Young Royals, does not seem to have a boyfriend/BF in 2022....
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