Is Edvin Ryding LGBTQ/Gay? Sexaulity of the Young Royals Cast Examined!

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Is Edvin Ryding LGBTQ/Gay? Sexaulity of the Young Royals Cast Examined!

Edvin Ryding, one of the cast members of Netflix’s Young Royals, is neither LGBTQ nor gay. We have to assume that the 19-year-old actor is straight for now as he has not made any official statements about his sexuality.

There are so many television shows nowadays that browsing the options on streaming platforms is more like browsing the aisles of a bookshop. There are the popular major titles that are prominently displayed up front and the smaller titles that are tucked away like gems in the rear corner. One of those latter shows is Young Royals on Netflix, a slow-burn romance that has fans in some online communities in a craze.

The series has captured the attention of young audiences thanks to an electric character chemistry and a soundtrack that will have you reaching for your phone to tag at least one song in every episode. It is a niche, queer story made in Sweden that features a devilishly handsome queer couple and the boarding school drama that surrounds them.

Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg play the leading cast members of the show. Their chemistry and acting skill have left many of the viewers to seek their personal detail. Since we’ve already discussed sexuality of Omar, here is everything we know about Edvin’s sexuality. Is he LGBTQ? Is he gay? Let’s find it out.

Edvin Ryding Is neither LGBTQ nor Gay: The Young Royals Cast Has Yet to Make an Official Announcement About His Sexuality!

Unlike Omar Rudberg, Edvin Ryding (@edvinrydings) has yet to make an announcement about his sexuality. Hence, we’re not sure if he is LGBTQ or gay. However, we can speculate that he probably isn’t straight as he has a vibe of a person from the LGBTQ community and he has been cast in the gay series, Young Royals.

In addition to that, his co-star, Omar, does not label his gender. There’s a slight chance that the maker of the show might have decided to cast the leading actors from the people who actually reflect the characters. On the other hand, there’s a possibility that Edvin might be an excellent actor. Yes, he might have been cast in the series because of his skills. Similarly, his Instagram also does not hint anything to speculate about his sexuality.

Portraying the character of a gay does not really means he is gay in real life as well. We have to wait for the official announcement from the actor himself to confirm his sexuality. We’ll cover that as soon as we get the evident information. Now let’s know about his other personal details.

Edvin Ryding was born on February 4, 2003, in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, to parents Lisa Ryding and Jonas Ryding. He spent his childhood there with his three siblings, Tilde Ryding, August Ryding, and Signe Estrid Ryding. In addition to acting, Ryding attended school like other children his age. At the age of five, casting director Ann-Christine Rolén provided Ryding the opportunity to work in the mini-series, Mannen under Trappan.

Edvin continued his acting career after Mannen under Trappan by appearing in the 2011 films The Crown Jewels and The Stig-Helmer. He appeared in Nobel’s Last Will, Prime Time, The Red Wolf, and Lifetime the following year, and in this way, he gradually gained public awareness. Edvin continued his acting career by attending further auditions because, even then, he still had a long way to go and it was only the beginning for him.

Edvin appeared in Bastakluben, The Sauna Club, Biciclo – Supercyclen, and IRL in 2013 and 2014. However, in 2015, when he joined the cast of Gsmamman, his life began to change. From that point on, he never looked back and continued his acting career by appearing in Miss Friman’s War II, Miss Friman’s War, If Everything Was Real, and Storm på Lugna gatan.

Will There Be Season 3 of Young Royals?

Actually, not yet. Although the third season of Young Royals hasn’t officially been announced as of the time of writing, it’s hard to argue with a show that combines Heartstopper, Skam, and The Crown into one compelling series. And that’s more true now that season two ended on a cliffhanger.

Young Royals’ first two seasons were separated by over a year and a half, but season three may come out sooner than season two did now that COVID restrictions appear to be lifted. If so, the delivery date might be in the winter of 2023.

That, however, is contingent upon how soon a season three renewal is revealed. Netflix normally decides whether to renew a show a month or so after the start of a new season. If it takes longer than that, the release date might be pushed out to 2024.

However, we would be extremely shocked if Young Royals were to be abruptly canceled. With that cliffhanger, there is a ton more to explore in a potential third season of the show, which has a fervent fan base.

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