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On May 23, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Elizabeth Johnston

Elizabeth Johnston is among the cast, who features in the TLC reality show 7 Little Johnstons, as a part of...
On May 22, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Alex Johnston

A member of the well-known Johnston family, Alex Johnston appeared on TLC's reality show 7 Little Johnstons with his parents...
On May 20, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Anna Johnston

On TLC's reality show 7 Little Johnstons, Anna Johnston is one of five kids. The Johnston family is featured in...
On May 19, 2021 By Natalia Romanova

Emma Johnston

Trent and Amber Johnston's adopted child Emma Johnston features on TLC's reality show 7 Little Johnstons. She was merely 5...
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