Spencer Hawkins (299) From Squid Game The Challenge: Instagram & Reddit!

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Spencer Hawkins (299) From Squid Game The Challenge: Instagram & Reddit! blurred-reality.com

Spencer Hawkins (contestant no. 299) from Squid Game: The Challenge was eliminated from the show because of his decision during a cookie challenge. Follow to know more about him with his Instagram and how Reddit reacted to his elimination.

Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix is a reality game show based on the highly popular South Korean television series, Squid Game. The reality show recreates the games featured on the show, involving 465 participants and providing the winner with a massive prize money of $4.56 million.

The participants applied to take part in the show from all over the globe. Viewers are witness to the talks and alliances that form while the players participate in the tasks and live in the dorms provided. The outcomes of each game are communicated to the players. Every eliminated player adds ten grand to the prize pool.

With the release of the first half of the show, Spencer Hawkins (player no. 299) is one of the most inquired contestants because of his decision. People want to know more about him, including his Instagram. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet Spencer Hawkins From Squid Game The Challenge: Find Him on Instagram!

Spencer Hawkins is originally from Spokane Valley, Washington, but lives in Davidson, North Carolina at the moment. He has been a Davidson College student since 2019 and is expected to graduate by the end of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Theatre. He participates in The Squid Game: The Challenge as a contestant no. 299. However, he made a costly decision that resulted in his elimination.

Spencer Hawkins appears as contestant no. 299 in Squid Game: The Challenge. blurred-reality.comSpencer Hawkins appears as contestant no. 299 in Squid Game: The Challenge.
Image Source: Netflix

Well, Spencer speaks up about his profession and family life in Episode 2 of the show before taking part in a challenge. Spencer has to choose a cookie challenge symbol and make a decision that will affect his journey and the rest of the players in his line. He chooses the umbrella, the game’s most challenging shape.

Spencer became dizzy while tackling the challenge, making the stress almost unbearable to watch. Spencer believed that people would remember him because he ruined their chances of winning the game.

He eventually failed the challenge and was eliminated from the game, as would many of the others who remained, having to cut out the intricate shape without shattering the cookie. When the results were revealed, the number of players was lowered to 119, which meant that 69 people were eliminated from the challenge and the prize money was increased.

Spencer was eliminated after the cookie challenge. blurred-reality.comSpencer was eliminated after the cookie challenge.
Image Source: Netflix

Spencer has remained under the radar since leaving the program, and no information about his personal life is available. Similarly, he does not appear to have an Instagram account.

Reddit Reacts to Spencer Hawkins’ Elimination!

After Spencer Hawkins‘ tough decision, he was eliminated from Squid Game: The Challenge. While most contestants criticized him, viewers had exactly the opposite reaction. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

I feel SO horrible for Spencer, the guy who was pushed into choosing the umbrella. everyone was so mean to him- like he HAD to make a choice or die and the others wouldn’t listen to him. and then hearing people call him an idiot as they walk by- that’s just cruel. it’s a game show. don’t be a shit person to someone because of a result you don’t like

Similarly, another wrote,

Not one came up to him and asked him if he was ok. Not one, at least it wasn’t shown. I had hoped that someone would show some empathy but no… Humanity at its worst. Shame on them. Someone had to get the umbrella, at least they all had a chance. If everybody had acted like the two first groups there would be no one left in the game.

A third user wrote,

It’s such nonsense how hateful they were to him. He has no obligation to sacrifice himself for you and instead of manning up and getting ready for the tsk ahead, they chose to dump on him, total losers for behaving that way towards him.