Bryton Constantin (432) From Squid Game: Clemson Football Player’s Instagram, Birthday & Age; Reddit!

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Bryton Constantin (432) From Squid Game: Clemson Football Player’s Instagram, Birthday & Age; Reddit!

Bryton Constantin, who was a football player at the University of Clemson, dropped out of the college to take part in Squid Game: The Challenge. Follow to know more about the contestant no. 432 with his Instagram, age, and birthday as well as what Reddit thinks about him.

Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix puts real-life contestants against each other in a variety of competitive games for the final prize of $4.56 million. The 10-episode reality show, based on the successful Korean series Squid Game, features 456 people competing for the greatest single cash prize in reality television and game show history.

The candidates are fully engaged in the Squid Game experience in the series, donning given numbers and green tracksuits while playing multiple games from the first series. The first five episodes of the show premiered on Netflix on November 22, with the next four episodes following on November 29. The finale will then air on Wednesday, December 6.

Bryton Constantin (player no. 432) has gained a lot of attention because of his personality as well as his approach to the competition. As a result, many people have been wanting to know more about him, including his age, Instagram, and birthday. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Contestant No. 432, Bryton Constantin, Dropped Out of the University of Clemson to Take Part in Squid Game The Challenge: Age, Instagram, Birthday & More!

Bryton Constantin (@brytonconstantin) was reportedly born in October 2000. As of this writing, the Squid Game: The Challenge star is 23 years old and lives in Clemson, South Carolina. However, we’re unsure of when he celebrates his birthday.

Bryton Constantin is currently 23 years old. blurred-reality.comBryton Constantin is currently 23 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

As for his profession, he is currently a fitness social media content creator and posts videos on various platforms like Instagram and YouTube. In 2019, he enrolled at Clemson University and was even a part of the institute’s football squad. However, he dropped out of his last semester to participate in the Netflix series as a personal challenge.

Bryton Constantin dropped out from the University of Clemson to take part in Squid Game. blurred-reality.comBryton Constantin dropped out from the University of Clemson to take part in Squid Game.
Image Source: Instagram

Bryton was one of the most prominent characters in the first part of Season 1 of the Netflix reality show. With a deep conviction in Jesus and God, he stated that he placed himself and his advantage over the feelings of others, even referring to himself as “selfish” in nature.

One of the most important features that likely distinguishes Brytong from the rest is his disagreement with anyone who believes life is unfair since he states that everyone goes through terrible circumstances, but he refuses to complain about it.

During the show, he talked about his childhood, when it was just him and his mother, and how his mother was his best friend. Bryton further stated that growing up without a father has evidently made him a skeptical person by nature, to the point where he trusts no one but his mother. However, he stated that his trust in his mother is sometimes tenuous.

Unfortunately, Bryton was eliminated from the show during the “Warship” challenge. He anticipated the third challenge to be a “tug of war” and was convinced that he would win the competition. The “warship” challenge, on the other hand, shattered his expectations. Bryton’s elimination surprised many because he was one of the strongest candidates in the competition.

Reddit Users Are Happy With Bryton’s Elimination From Squid Game: The Challenge!

As mentioned earlier, Bryton Constantin has gained a lot of attention for his personality in Squid Game: The Challenge. However, many Reddit users found him ‘egoistic’ and claimed to be happy with his elimination. Taking to a Reddit discussion, one user wrote,

Glad to see 432 go. Threatening one of the other guys for calling him a “fr*t boy”. Grow up. It’s a game. It’s like the competitors never played battleship.

Another wrote,

He deserved it. He was mocking people for crying after loosing the chance at life changing money. Making fun of Spencer’s guilt for settling for umbrella after making a deal to help that was revealed to be against the rules. 432 was a genuine m*ron because he dropped out of school with a semester left for the game and still lost.

Similarly, another user added,

432 was the most egostistical, immature and condescending d*uchebag ever. A hybrid of a college fr*t and high school freshman. What’s worse is how he tossed baby Jesus into the mix. Add hypocracy to his list of flaws. He should have taken notes from 182 who kept chiming “Humility and Gratitude”.