Solar Opposites Season 4 Sucks: Does It Really? Find the Truth!

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Solar Opposites Season 4 Sucks: Does It Really? Find the Truth!

Many viewers believe Season 4 of Solar Opposites sucks following the departure of Justin Roiland. However, critics recommend streaming the new season as it is as hilarious as it always was.

Solar Opposites on Hulu is the creation of Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan. The story centers on an advanced alien family that is imprisoned in suburban Middle America on Earth. They now have to learn how to get along with their human peers.

Season 4 of the shoe was recently released on the streaming platform. The new season does a wonderful job of disguising Justin Roiland’s presence. Roiland’s name has been removed from the title sequence of the animated comedy, which formerly listed him and Mike McMahan as co-creators.

During the theme tune of the first three seasons of the Hulu series, a white card with the handwritten words “Solar Opposites” would flash on the screen. The words “created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan” would appear beneath the title.

The white card now only displays the show’s title as a result of Roiland’s dismissal from the show following his arrest on domestic abuse accusations. On the other hand, many people have claimed that Season 4 sucks. Let’s have a discussion about why so many viewers think so.

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The Ugly Truth Behind Why Many Viewers Believe Solar Opposites Season 4 Sucks!

It’s really difficult to discuss the new season of Solar Opposites without bringing up Justin Roiland‘s dismissal as co-creator and voice actor for Korvo. Following the incident, many viewers have been claiming that Season 4 sucks.

Roiland was charged in January with two felonies: one for false imprisonment by threat, assault, fraud, or deceit and one for domestic battery with corporal injury. The following March, however, the charges were withdrawn for lack of proof.

Many viewers have been claiming that Solar Opposites Season 4 sucks. blurred-reality.comMany viewers have been claiming that Solar Opposites Season 4 sucks.
Image Source: Hulu

However, the harm had already been done by that point. The companies that broadcast and produce the show, Hulu Originals and 20th TV Animation, previously cut ties with Roiland and made plans to carry on his ongoing projects without him. In addition, the creator’s relationships with Adult Swim, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Squanch Games were terminated.

As a result, Roiland’s co-creator credit was moved to the end of the screen credits and off the title card for Season 4, and his character of Korvo was replaced. Some fans believe Dan Stevens did a good job filling in for Roiland as the super-smart, Earth-hating alien. Others, however, clearly weren’t. Does it mean that Season 4 of Solar Opposites really sucks?

Probably not, according to Brittany Vincent’s passionate “stream it” review on Decider. Instead, Roiland supporters are fighting for him and attempting to take down the show since it fired its controversial creator.

Fans Debate on if Season 4 of Solar Opposites Really Sucks!

While Season 4 of Solar Opposites has been receiving a lot of criticism, some fans have been defending it as well. One person on Reddit wrote,

I understand feeling jarred by a brand new voice, but people are totally ignoring the fact that the situations and jokes are just as hilarious without Roiland on the writing staff (even prior to his firing it’s fairly well known that he wasn’t contributing to the writing process of this or R&M), and the characters are as defined as ever.

Similarly, another agreed in the comments writing,

I get why people don’t like the voice but review bombing the episodes or going on a bunch of threads about Season 4 just to complain about how the show is ruined is straight up immature.

Some fans believe Season 4 lives up to its name. blurred-reality.comSome fans believe Season 4 lives up to its name.
Image Source: Hulu

No doubt, this season has been backlashed by many viewers, especially Justin Roiland‘s fans. One person gave the show a 1/10 rating stating,

I do not understand what was their thought process that made them to basically destroy their own streamline of revenue without investigating further, or to have the patience and wait to find if Justin was really guilty.