How Many Survivors From Society of the Snow Are Still Alive? Where Are They Now (Today)?

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Society of the Snow: Are the Andes Survivors Still Alive? Where Are They Now (Today)? – Out of the 16 people who survived the tragedy shown on Society of the Snow, 14 of the survivors are still alive. One of them died in 2015 and the other in 2023. Follow to know where they are now (today).

Society of the Snow on Netflix has outraged fans with its true-to-life account of the 1972 Andes plane crash that led survivors to resort to cannibalism for survival. Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, en route to Santiago, Chile, lost its wings after colliding with a mountain crest in the Andes, with the surviving fuselage landing on a glacier.

Of the original 45 passengers and crew, 19 were members of Uruguay’s Old Christian rugby team, while the rest were friends, relatives, and supporters. Only 16 people survived the crash and made it out.

On the other hand, we have found that many people have been wanting to know how many people are still alive out of the 16 Andes survivors. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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14 Out of the 16 Survivors Are Still Alive: Society of the Snow Update

Out of the 16 people who survived the horrifying 1972 Andes plane crash as shown in Society of the Snow, 14 survivors are still alive (as of now) since all of them were very young when the accident happened: While Javier Methol died in 2015, José Luis “Coche” Inciarte passed away in 2023. You might be wondering where they are today.

14 Andes survivors are still alive to this date. blurred-reality.com14 Andes survivors are still alive to this date.
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Well, while some of the survivors led secret lives, many went on to write about their experiences and even became motivational speakers. The survivors last gathered on October 13, 2022, to honor the victims 50 years after the tragedy. They also reportedly meet on December 22 every year, the day they were rescued, to share a meal and recall their survival.

As previously said, several of them have authored books about the incident from their own perspectives. They were not directly involved in the making of the film, although they were consulted during its creation.

How Accurate Is Society of the Snow?

Aside from a few small changes, Society of the Snow is very accurate to the historical story. For example, the plane did not travel directly from Montevideo to the highlands where it crashed in real life. In fact, due to the bad weather, the team opted to halt at Mendoza (Argentina) on October 12, 1972, and spend the night there before going on to Santiago (Chile) on October 13. This stop is excluded from Society of the Snow.

The rescue took two days to bring everyone out of the valley. In the film, it happens quickly and all at once. In an interview with Deadline, director J.A. Bayona mentioned his dedication to reality explaining,

I was obsessing in the drama and trying to try to tell the story of these men with the maximum realism and maximum respect in order to make everyone go through the experience like being in the plane inside with them, and by feeling empathy towards them, understand what they did and what they went through.

Society of the Snow is now streaming on Netflix in both English and Spanish language. blurred-reality.comSociety of the Snow is now streaming on Netflix in both English and Spanish language.
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In the same interview, producer Belén Atienza discussed the film’s emotional showing in the Uruguayan city of Montevideo for survivors and families of those killed in the disaster. She explained,

We had like a theatre with 300 people only. For us, it was incredible after 10 years to be sitting down in that theatre that was totally charged with energy, with emotion. We were so scared and I think that they were scared because they didn’t know what they were going to feel.