Society of the Snow: Real Pictures (Photos) of Cast From True Story

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Society of the Snow: Real Pictures (Photos) of Cast From True Story – Here are some of the real pictures (photos) of the cast of Society of the Snow on Netflix. The series is based on the true story of the 1972 Andes plane crash.

Society of the Snow is a Spanish Netflix film that chronicles the true story of the Uruguayan 1972 Andes flight accident, based on a book of the same name written by one of the survivors, Pablo Vierci.

A leased Uruguayan Air Force flight carrying a rugby team to Chile crashes onto a glacier deep in the Andes. The jet is torn apart, killing approximately half of the passengers on impact. The surviving eventually realize they may not be any better off. They try to hide behind the aircraft’s hull as strong winds and snow bear down on them.

After surveying their surroundings, they realize that they will not be visible from above, even if a rescue operation passes overhead. Running out of food and barely able to remain warm, they must rely on any resources they have to communicate with the outside world and survive.

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Real Pictures (Photos) of the Cast of Society of the Snow!

Apart from the true story of Society of the Snow, we have found that many viewers have been looking for real pictures of the cast from the 1972 Andes plane crash. Well, here are some of the photos we have found.

Enzo Vogrincic as Numa Turcatti blurred-reality.comEnzo Vogrincic as Numa Turcatti

Matias Recalt as Roberto Canessa blurred-reality.comMatias Recalt as Roberto Canessa

Augustin Padella as Nando Parraso blurred-reality.comAugustin Padella as Nando Parraso

Paula Baldini as Liliana Mothol blurred-reality.comPaula Baldini as Liliana Mothol

Simon Hempe as Jose Luis Inciarte blurred-reality.comSimon Hempe as Jose Luis Inciarte

Fernando Contigiani as García Arturo Nogueira blurred-reality.comFernando Contigiani as García Arturo Nogueira

Click here to see more of the real pictures (photos) of more cast members. We obtained all of the above pictures (photos) from the Internet. While we have no idea who the credit for any of the pictures goes to, we would like to honor and apologize to everyone who clicked the pictures.

Society of the Snow: True Story of the Andes Flight 571 Plane Crash

The Andes Flight 571 plane crash, in which Society of the Snow is based, is still one of the most terrifying and sad occurrences in aviation history. On October 13, 1972, a Uruguayan Fairchild FH-227D aircraft carrying 45 passengers and crew crashed in the Andes Mountains of Argentina.

The flight from Montevideo, Uruguay to Santiago, Chile, encountered severe weather conditions, including turbulence and reduced visibility. Tragically, the aircraft crashed into the mountains, leaving the survivors to struggle for survival in the harsh and lonely Andes.

The survivors encountered a variety of problems, including very cold weather, high heights, and a lack of food and suitable clothes. The situation deteriorated as rescue efforts became impossible due to the rough terrain and poor weather conditions. As the days stretched into weeks, hope faded, and the survivors were forced to make unthinkable decisions in order to stay alive.

The most infamous part of the Andes Flight 571 disaster is the survivors’ use of cannibalism to survive. After running out of food and with no quick relief in sight, they took the excruciating decision to eat the deceased passengers’ flesh to survive. This morally complicated decision triggered heated arguments and discussions on the limits to human survival.

The remaining 16 survivors were finally rescued on December 20, 1972, after being lost in the highlands for 72 days. Their incredible narrative of perseverance and the ethical quandaries they faced drew international attention. The Andes Flight 571 disaster serves as a sobering reminder of the extent humanity will go to survive in the face of great misfortune, as well as the significant influence such catastrophes may have on survivors and society as a whole.

Society of the Snow is now streaming on Netflix.