Sam Cane’s Parents: Family of the Chiefs Star!

Bikram Karki

Sam Cane’s Parents: Family of the Chiefs Star!

Sam Cane’s parents are Malcolm Cane (father) and Kathy Cane (mother). He describes his parents, who are farmers, as childhood sweethearts. His father successfully transitioned from cattle to deer nearly 30 years ago and now specializes in breeding trophy stags. Sam learned his life skills and rugby craft on the farm.

Sam Cane is a 31-year-old New Zealand rugby union player. His regular playing position is loose forward. He currently plays for the Chiefs and Bay of Plenty. He has made a significant impact in the sport with his exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and unwavering determination. His contribution to the game has firmly established him as a rugby legend in New Zealand and beyond.

On the other hand, we have recently discovered that many people have been wanting to know about his parents. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet Sam Cane’s Parents, Malcolm Cane and Kathy Cane!

Sam Cane’s (@samcane7) parents are Malcolm Cane and Kathy Cane. He describes his parents as childhood sweethearts. He recalls fondly his childhood memories of building huts in the barn and sleeping overnight in them. Sam worked with his father, first unpaid and then for a wage. Moreover, he learned valuable parental lessons from his parents which serve him well in rugby leadership.

Moreover, Cane’s father gave him a lot of responsibility on the farm and he was taught that if he ever made a mistake or mucked up, the consequences were yours to deal with. His parents would never come to the rescue, they’d made him find a way around by himself. Sam’s father coached him through his junior teams at Reporoa Rugby Club until he made the college’s first XV at 14.

The 31-year-old rugby player’s parents are farmers. His father began his career as a haycart driver when he was still a teenager. Malcolm started a hay-carting business, moving about 100,000 bales per season, contract fencing in the off-season, and working for a local dairy farmer for 18 months. He was able to make a down payment on an 80-ha block in the area after seven seasons of hay-carting and fencing at 22.

Bankers were pessimistic about farming back then, and there was little money to go around. Even after ten years, Sam Cane’s parents did not fully stock their 80ha, so they grazed animals for others while continuing to run their off-farm fencing business to stay ahead of the competition. After experiencing the ups and downs of the venison meat and velvet markets, and wanting to spread risk, Malcolm formed a partnership with Broadview Hunting Estate in the Paeroa mountain range.

Kathy produces and distributes Canes Deer Velvet, a business she has gradually built up over the last 20 years, in addition to trophy hunting and selling velvet to New Zealand agents, producing about five tonnes of velvet per year as capsules and raw products.

Sam Cane and his mother, Kathy Cane, dancing. Cane and his mother, Kathy Cane, dancing.
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Laurie, a Reporoa dairy farmer, had only ever used Case Internationals, so Malcolm began with the brand as well, using a small International with a hay sweep. He purchased two Case IHs from Giltrap after about 15 years of running a tight ship: a 115 and a Puma 165.

Malcolm Cane values his tractors because they provide a degree of farming independence, such as his own hay-baling equipment, which allows him to literally make hay when the sun shines. His father successfully transitioned from cattle to deer nearly 30 years ago and now specializes in breeding trophy stags. Malcolm grew up on a dairy farm and he met Cane’s mother at Reporoa College. His two greatest interests are most likely deer farming and rugby. His parents gave him guidance over the upcoming rugby championship game.

Who Is Sam Cane’s Wife?

Sam Cane is married to Harriet Allen (@harrietcan1). The couple welcomed a son named Hudson George Cane on May 7, 2022. It’s almost 4 years since the duo first met in a crowded Hamilton bar on Saturday night. Sam spied Allen across the room, but before he could muster the courage to introduce himself, Harriet marched over and asked if he was single or not.

Sam Cane and his wife, Harriet Cane, have been together for about 4 years. Cane and his wife, Harriet Cane, have been together for about 4 years.
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They exchanged their phone number and reconnected several days later and become inseparable. Sam admired his new girlfriend’s confidence and boundless energy, as well as the fact that she was uninterested in rugby. The young couple’s romance progressed quickly, and Harriet knew Cane was the one when he surprised her with Williow, a black schnauzer puppy, for her 21st birthday present.

The New Zealand rugby union player outdid himself again a year later when he surprised his lady-love with a romantic marriage proposal. But, as Sam explains, keeping his plans hidden was not easy. He purchased the stunning diamond four months earlier during a rugby trip to South Africa. Cane and Allen exchanged deeply personal, intimate, and hilarious vows at Rippon Hall, overlooking Wanaka’s majestic lake, in front of 100 friends and family, including Sam’s All Blacks teammates.