Robert Clarence Irwin’s Girlfriend (GF) In 2023: Daring Life With Rorie Buckley Explored!

Shibakshya Rai

Robert Clarence Irwin’s Girlfriend (GF) In 2023: Daring Life With Rorie Buckley Explored!

As of 2023, Robert Clarence Irwin is dating his girlfriend (GF), Rorie Buckley. The couple has been open about their relationship and has even gotten their parents’ approval.

Robert Clarence Irwin is an Australian television personality, conservationist, and wildlife photographer who was born on December 1, 2003. He is the son of the late Steve Irwin, a well-known wildlife expert and television personality known as “The Crocodile Hunter.” His brother, Bindi Irwin, is also interested in animal conservation and television hosting.

Robert, like his father, has become an enthusiastic conservationist and animal enthusiast. He has been on a number of wildlife-themed television shows and documentaries, frequently demonstrating his love of animals and their conservation. Robert and his family own and run the Australia Zoo, a wildlife conservation and educational center, in Beerwah, Queensland.

On the other hand, Robert Irwin recently made his relationship official with his girlfriend, Rorie Buckley. As a result, many people have been interested to know who Rorie is and about their relationship. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Robert Clarence Irwin and His Girlfriend (GF), Rorie Buckey, Are Openly Dating in 2023!

Robert Clarence Irwin (@robertirwinphotography) and his girlfriend, Rorie Buckey, made their red carpet debut earlier in July 2023 at the Sydney premiere of Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One. The couple was open about their emotions for each other, with Irwin, 19, grabbing Buckey, also 19, around her waist as they posed for photographers at the occasion.

Robert Irwin and his girlfriend, Rorie Buckey. blurred-reality.comRobert Irwin and his girlfriend, Rorie Buckey.
Image Source: PERTH NOW

According to reports, Robert was first seen with Rorie on November 18, 2022. In April 2023, the two were spotted spending time with Rorie’s family members. An insider told,

Meeting the family is the first step and he wants them to see that he’s good enough for someone as special as Rorie. You can tell the Ledgers are very protective of her, especially after losing Heath. The last thing they want is for her to have her heart ripped out by a showbiz romance, so Robert’s on his toes around her folks. He’s such a genuine, humble guy with no airs and graces. He’s funny too, and he reminds everyone of his father, he’s very likable.

Like Robert Irwin, his girlfriend, Rorie Buckey, comes from a family of celebrities. She is the niece of the Joker actor, Heath Ledger. Her mother, Kate, is married to businessman, Nathan Bucky.

Nathan previously told the Daily Mail Australia that the new relationship has his permission. However, the business owner was hesitant to divulge too much information, stating that he “didn’t want to go into detail.” When the publication asked if he approved of Rorie and Robert’s relationship, he responded: “Of course, absolutely.”

Clearly, Robert Irwin and his girlfriend, Rorie Buckey, have the approval of their parents and they appear to be happy with each other. We wish them nothing but the best for their future endeavors.

How Did Robert Irwin’s Father, Steve Irwin, Die?

Robert Irwin‘s father, Steve Irwin, an Australian wildlife expert & television personality, died in a fatal accident while filming a documentary in Queensland, Australia, on September 4, 2006. He was well-known for his hit show, The Crocodile Hunter.

Robert Irwin's father, Steve Irwin, died after a stingray pierced his chest (heart). blurred-reality.comRobert Irwin’s father, Steve Irwin, died after a stingray pierced his chest (heart).
Image Source: TODAY

Steve Irwin was snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef when he came upon a stingray. The stingray’s barb, which is a sharp, pointed spine placed in its tail, unexpectedly hit him in the chest. The barb penetrated his heart and killed him. Despite getting swift medical care, he was unable to be rescued and died at the age of 44.

The world grieved the death of this charming and devoted conservationist who dedicated his career to animal education and conservation initiatives. Many people are still inspired by his legacy to enjoy and conserve wildlife and their natural environments.