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Rhea Ripley’s Boyfriend Now: A Glimpse at Her Dating Life With Buddy Murphy/Matthews!

Apr 5, 2023 @ 19:45 EDT
Rhea Ripley’s Boyfriend Now: A Glimpse at Her Dating Life With Buddy Murphy/Matthews!

As of now, Rhea Ripley is in an open relationship with her boyfriend, Buddy Murphy/Matthews, who also happens to be a professional wrestler for the AEW. Buddy frequently shares pictures of Rhea on his social media. On the other hand, many people believe she is dating her onscreen partner, Dominik Mysterio. However, they're just friends in real life.

Known as 'The Eradicator,' Rhea Ripley (real name: Demi Bennett) began her wrestling career in 2013 at the age of 16 and competed in several promotions in Australia and the United States, including Riot City Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Women's Alliance, and Shimmer Women Athletes.

In 2017, Ripley signed with WWE and was assigned to their NXT brand, where she quickly made a name for herself as a dominant and imposing wrestler. She won the NXT Women's Championship in 2019 and held the title for 148 days before losing it to Charlotte Flair. Ripley has also competed on WWE's main roster, including appearances at WrestleMania and various pay-per-view events.

Ripley is known for her unique look, which includes a partially shaved head, tattoos, and a punk rock aesthetic. She is one of the most chaotic wrestlers in WWE right now as she and her onscreen partner, Dominik Mysterio, have been playing the roles of villains. On the other hand, many people wonder if Dominik is Rhea Ripley's boyfriend in real life as well. Here's everything you need to know.

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Rhea Ripley’s Boyfriend Now: The WWE Star Is in an Open Relationship With Buddy Murphy/Matthews!

No, Rhea Ripley (@rhearipley_wwe) and Dominik Mysterio are not in a relationship in real life. As of now, Rhea is openly dating her boyfriend, Matthew Adams (@snm_buddy), known by his ring name Buddy Murphy or Buddy Matthews. The fact that they have been spotted together on social media and on several occasions suggests that the two are romantically involved.

Rhea Ripley and her now boyfriend, Buddy Murphy/Matthews.

Rhea Ripley and her now boyfriend, Buddy Murphy/Matthews.
Source: Instagram

Just like Rhea, Buddy Matthews is also a professional wrestler who is now associated with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He spent a significant amount of time with the WWE before joining the business and received considerable recognition from it. He has worked with a number of businesses, including MLW and NJPW.

Buddy Murphy and Rhea Ripley are both Australian natives who are attempting to get into the professional wrestling business. The duo is frequently photographed together and never fails to express their love for one another.

Being intimately linked to a physically demanding profession, the two frequently upload pictures of themselves training together. Both inside and outside the ring, Rhea Ripley portrays a very dark character. Buddy Murphy, on the other hand, is the one who reveals Rhea's true self to the WWE World. She may frequently be spotted being herself with her boyfriend.

They remain loyal to one another while working for rival companies. Rhea Ripley frequently has a romantic interest in Dominik Mysterio, yet, she never makes Buddy feel uneasy. Buddy, on the other hand, is equally as proud of 'Mami's' achievements and her position as the division's most brilliant woman. Additionally, Buddy was also engaged to Alexa Bliss, a former WWE Women's Champion, during his time there. Sadly, they were unable to remain together, and they split up in 2018.

As they want to keep their private lives private, Ripley and Murphy have not revealed much information about their relationship to the public, including when they started dating. It is crucial to remember that while rumors and speculation about the private lives of celebrities and public figures are common, it is ultimately up to them to select what information they publish publicly. As a result, it's critical to respect their privacy and limit information sharing to things they have voluntarily decided to make public.

Rhea Ripley on Why She Confronted Bianca Belair on Raw Last Night: “I Just Wanted to Remind Her That I’m Still Here”

On the Raw episode from last Monday, Rhea Ripley gave an explanation of why she approached Bianca Belair. The newly crowned SmackDown women's champion talked about this during a recent appearance on The Bump, when she expressed how much she loves to tease the EST. She explained,

I like a bit of mind games. I like being a bit cheeky and going out there and causing a little bit of havoc. Raw is still my show. It’s Monday Night Mami, whether Bianca likes it or not. I might be SmackDown Women’s Champion, but I ran that place with The Judgment Day, and I had to go out there and take my moment, my moment to show everyone exactly what we look like next to each other again.

Rhea Ripley confronting Bianca Belair.

Rhea Ripley confronting Bianca Belair.
Source: Yahoo

Afterward, the Judgment Day member talked about the title opportunity that Belair was going to offer her last year but that was missed due to an injury. She added,

I was number one contender for Bianca’s championship, and unfortunately, I got injured, and that got ripped away from me. So I just wanted to remind her that I’m still here, and this is still my show, but this was my sort of warning to her, but also a little goodbye because I will be stepping away, more on SmackDown. But you might still see me here and there.

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