Paris McTizic From The Circle: Is He a Duo With Raven Sutton? Find Him on Instagram!

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Paris McTizic From The Circle: Is He a Duo With Raven Sutton? Find Him on Instagram!

Paris McTizic takes part in Netflix’s The Circle Season 5 as a translator for Raven Sutton rather than a competitor. Yes, he is a professional translator who even owns an interpreting company. Follow to know more about him with his Instagram handle (@parismctizic).

After being absent for a little over seven months, Netflix‘s The Circle is back with season 5, which has more catfishing, drama, flirtation, and shocks than ever before. Thus, it should come as no surprise that this episode includes a few new elements to keep the reality competition series fresh even if its basic premise has never changed.

Raven Sutton, a powerful performer who is openly deaf and an advocate for people with disabilities, is one of them. It’s nothing new for The Circle competitors to play the game with partners who are their actual friends or family. But is Paris McTizic, who comes with Raven in Season 5, also a participant in the show?

Paris is here alongside Raven, although they aren’t exactly a dynamic pair in the game. The Season 5 opening introduces them as friends, but it’s not immediately obvious whether Paris is also participating in the competition to win a share of the $100,000 grand prize. Well, let’s know more about him as well as his role in the show.

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Paris McTizic From The Circle Season 5: Rather Than a Competitor, He Is a Translator for Raven Sutton!

Paris McTizic is playing the game with Raven Sutton, but he isn’t participating in The Circle‘s competition. While he is shown in one of Raven’s official Netflix photographs for the season, he isn’t a cast member and is only listed as a participant for Season 5. Instead, Raven is using American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with the other participants, and Paris is here to translate some of those messages.

Despite occasionally speaking vocally on The Circle, Raven, who is Deaf, prefers to communicate by signing. Paris is here to translate in those situations so that she may put her messages into the chat boxes on The Circle. Naturally, that leads to some awkward interactions when Raven and her Circle lover, Marvin, have passionate conversations. However, Paris and Raven are also close friends outside of the show, which makes him the comfortable third wheel in their relationship.

As a professional translator, Paris’ participation in Raven’s journey on a show where some viewers might not be familiar with ASL was only logical. However, they are also close in real life. Prior to The Circle’s Season 5 premiere, they complimented one another on their own Instagram pages. On the show, Raven introduces Paris as her friend and interpreter.

Paris (@parismctizic) plays a significant role in the Washington, DC, Deaf community, just like Raven does. Since 2015, he has been interpreting ASL and English. He also owns and operates The McTizic Interpreting Experience, LLC. For anyone who desires to advance their existing ASL abilities, Paris offers his services as a professional interpreter for events and private sessions. According to his website,

I am professionally trained and culturally sensitive to the communication needs with regards to members of the Deaf community.

Even though Paris isn’t competing with Raven for the $100,000 prize, he will always be there for his friend. Although we could definitely imagine Raven succeeding on her own, Paris and Raven’s friendship gives Raven a deeper dimension, and it makes viewers appreciate Raven even more.

When Will All the Episodes of The Circle Season 5 Get Released?

Instead of releasing the entire season at once like other Netflix series, The Circle Season 5 will be released over the course of many weeks. With each drop, the streamer will enhance the anticipation! Even if you would prefer that to the progressive burn the streaming service delivers, as we previously stated, you won’t be getting all of the episodes at once.

The fifth season of The Circle has a similar structure to the previous seasons. To view each new set of episodes as they air, you’ll need to closely observe its timetable. And when the Season 5 finale arrives on Netflix, it does so without the last several episodes that came before it. It’s a gradual burn as we stated.

On December 28, the first four episodes of The Circle were made available on Netflix. There are three further premiere dates to be aware of after that. Episodes 5-8 arrive on January 4 and Episodes 9–12 are all set to be released on January 11 (the following Wednesday). And finally, The Circle’s Season 5 finale premieres on January 18th.

Since host Michelle Buteau often sits down with the final few competitors as well as the blocked players from earlier in the season, the finale also serves as a type of reunion. They often talk about the game’s highlights, and occasionally we may hear some of the competitors having private talks. But you’ll have to wait until the end of Season 5 to see this since it all happens in the finale.

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