Obsessed Fest 2023 Drama: Reddit Discusses What Happened at the Obsessed Network’s Event!

Shibakshya Rai

Obsessed Fest 2023 Drama: Reddit Discusses What Happened at the Obsessed Network’s Event! blurred-reality.com

The 2023 Obsessed Fest drama is circulating all over the Internet. Many people, especially on Reddit, wonder what really happened between Patrick Hinds, Ellyn, and Joey at the Obsessed Network’s event. Well, here is everything you need to know.

The 2023 Obsessed Fest happened on Oct. 20-22 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, 650 S. Griffin St. For those who are unaware, it is an annual convention, hosted by Obsessed Network, where criminal podcast lovers can meet some of their favorite podcast creators.

In the fest, Wine and CrimeSurvivor SquadLet’s Go to CourtRabia and Ellyn Solve the CaseGeneration WhySinisterhoodTruth & JusticeRedHanded, Strange & Unexplained, Life after MLM, and True Crime Obsessed all recorded episodes live.

Following the event, reports have been floating all over the Internet that “an incident” took place and a lot of people left the event. On the other hand, not many are aware of what really happened. As a result, many people, especially on Reddit, have been curious to know what the drama is all about. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Reddit: The 2023 Obsessed Fest Drama Explained!

A lot of you might have heard that the 2023 Obsessed Fest, hosted by Obsessed Network, wasn’t a good treat for crime podcast lovers. A lot of things happened during the event but the details remain hidden. However, we have finally figured out what happened. Here’s a complete breakdown of the drama.

Before coming to the event, let’s first know a little history of the Obsessed Network. Patrick Hinds (@patrickhinds_) and Gillian Pensvalle co-host the True Crime Obsessed podcast. With their increasing success, Discovery/ID partnered with them to host a podcast related to a show titled Disappeared. However, Patrick decided to not include Gillian in the project.

Along with his husband, Steve Tipton, Patrick started the Obsessed Network. They also launched a podcast titled Obsessed with Disappeared which was co-hosted by Patrick alongside Ellyn Marsh (@ellynmarsh), a Broadway star on hiatus due to COVID-19.

Of course, jealousy and conflicts arose between Patrick and Gillian. Since they were still co-hosting True Crime Obsessed, a very popular podcast, Patrick decided to stop co-hosting Obsessed with Disappeared. Later, Obsessed Network recruited another Broadway actor, Joey Taranto, also a close friend of Ellyn, to replace Patrick. People loved Obsessed with Disappeared even more after Ellyn and Joey started co-hosting the podcast.

As a result, Patrick started becoming jealous of the success of Ellyn and Joey. On the other hand, some reports suggest that Patrick wanted to become a Broadway star but was not able to do so. Since Ellyn and Joey were popular names in the Broadway world as well, Patrick grew jealous of them even more.

Similarly, in a TikTok video, one woman has revealed that Patrick abused both Ellyn and Joey financially. They were not fairly paid and were warned to be kicked out of the podcast multiple times. Ellyn, being a single mother, was dependent on the money she made from the podcast. So, both Ellyn and Joey never spoke a word about Patrick’s behavior.

Patrick, one of the founders of Obsessed Network, was very jealous of Ellyn and Joey. blurred-reality.comPatrick, one of the founders of Obsessed Network, was very jealous of Ellyn and Joey.
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Fortunately, the 2023 Obsessed Fest drama broke down everything. Apparently, a woman named Terra Newell and her boyfriend Collier Landry, who co-hosts another podcast titled The Survivor Squad, confronted Ellyn at an elevator during the event. Ellyn didn’t have any idea who Terra and Collier were.

Terra even told Ellyn to “f*** off” or something similar that prompted Joey to defend Ellyn. As a result, Joey said something to Terra, who then cried, and ran off yelling at Joey.

Terra Newell and Collier Landry confronted Ellyn at the 2023 Obsessed Fest. blurred-reality.comTerra Newell and Collier Landry confronted Ellyn at the 2023 Obsessed Fest.
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Ellyn explained everything and requested Patrick and Steve to remove both Terra and Collier from the 2023 Obsessed Fest but they refused to do so. Having enough of everything, both Ellyn and Joey left the fest and went to the hotel. However, they did not disappoint their fans. Through a Facebook status, Ellyn and Joey called their fans to their hotel for a meet-and-greet session.

Who Really Is Terra Newell?

In the above explanation, Terra Newell played a vital role in causing the drama at the 2023 Obsessed Fest. But do you know who she really is?

Terra is a trauma survivor who is known for bringing down Dirty John aka John Meehan, the subject of a 2018 Golden Globe-nominated Netflix series and a Los Angeles Times true crime podcast.

Terra Newell, the daughter of Debra Newell, was once the stepdaughter of John, a conman whom her mother met on a dating website. Debra and John’s love progressed swiftly, and they married within two months.

Terra was never happy with Debra’s marriage to John, and she and her older siblings later learned about John’s problematic past, which included drug-related arrests, abuse, and scams.

On August 20, 2016, John confronted Terra in the parking lot of her Newport Beach residence. It’s unclear why John pursued Terra, but she managed to beat him off and mortally knife him 13 times.