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Nate from The Ultimatum: Instagram, Reddit, Birthday & Age Explored!

Apr 15, 2022 @ 4:30 EDT
Nate from The Ultimatum: Instagram, Reddit, Birthday & Age Explored!

Nate Ruggles or Nathan Ruggles is a cast member from The Ultimatum Marry or Move On who left the Netflix show with his initial partner, Lauren Pounds, within the first week of the show. Judging by Instagram, Nate and Lauren are still together, are engaged, and have even compromised on their kid's issues. Currently, 30 years of age, Nate from The Ultimatum celebrates his birthday on 11 September. Reddit users often discuss Nate proposing to Lauren.

Can we reminisce the last time when Netflix forgot to bring extraordinary shows? No, right? It's because this streaming media has been making our lives more flavorful by bringing exclusive shows every now and then.

From bringing reality shows to different genres of series, Netflix definitely has been giving its best. recently, on 14th April 2022, a new reality love show, The Ultimatum Marry or Move On premiered with a total of ten episodes.

The show has six couples as its cast members, and this time, the reality show isn't about acting as a wingman, rather, it allows the couples to explore more about their relationship, and give them the power to ditch their initial partners, and form a new bonding in the show.

Among all twelve cast members, let's get to know about the popular cast member, Nathan or Nate Ruggles.

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Nate Ruggles from The Ultimatum Marry or Move On: Instagram, Age, Birthday

Being committed to one's partner is the prerequisite of being in a relationship, however, this time, Netflix's exclusive show, The Ultimatum Marry or Move On, has given the power to the couples to swap their partners.

In other words, the couples get to change their partners with someone else's partners, and later, they get to decide if they want to get back with their initial connection and get married or part their ways forever.

Among twelve cast members of The Ultimatum Marry or Move On, Nate Ruggles is one of them. However, after a week in The Ultimatum Marry or Move On, Nate vanished, and it seems like the show wasn't just meant for him.

Nate Ruggles whose real name happens to be Nathan Ruggles is originally from Austin, Texas. He joined the show with his long-term girlfriend, Lauren Pounds with the sole purpose of bringing to a conclusion on their relationship.

Aged 30 (celebrating his birthday on 11th September), Nate Ruggles is a graduate of Texas State University-San Marcos and gained a degree in BBA. Talking about his career, Nate works as the vice-president of Business Development at Urbanist.

Later, in 2020, Ruggles co-founded Derive Development in San Antonio, Texas, and as of today, he works as a real estate agent in a renowned company, COO.

The reality star rose to prominence after his cast on The Ultimatum Marry or Move On, and today, he is quite famous on Instagram too.

From his Instagram posts, it can de be deduced that Ruggles is an avid dog lover, and has petted a dog named Charlie. Moreover, he seems to spend his quality time on vacation and has shared his vacation photos on his Instagram account.

Reddit: Are Nate Ruggles and Lauren Pounds Still Together?

Nate and Lauren (@laurenkilos) made their cast on The Ultimatum Marry or Move On either to get married or part ways. However, it appears that their love and affection have tied their bonding so firmly that they couldn't stay in the show swapping with each other's partners.

Just after a week in The Ultimatum Marry or Move On, they both left the show, much to the surprise on Reddit. In the reunion episode of The Ultimatum Marry or Move On, it was divulged that Nate and Lauren are still together, and are engaged too.

Moreover, to sort out the issues in their relationship, they went to therapy, and now, they are happy with each other. Also, Nate and Lauren have compromised on their kid's issue, and have agreed on getting one.

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