Aspyn Ovard’s Daughter Cove Is Sick? Reddit Examines Illness & Health!

Bikram Karki

Is Aspyn Ovard's daughter Cove sick? Health and illness speculations, with rumors of detachment and divorce, sparking Reddit discussions and theories.

Lately, there has been a significant amount of talk and speculation about the health of Aspyn Ovard‘s daughter, Cove. However, most of these are only rumors and unverified claims. As of now, there is no official confirmation from Aspyn or Parker Ferris regarding Cove’s health status.

The speculations primarily stem from various changes observed in Aspyn and Parker’s behavior, social media activity, and some circumstantial evidence. One of the main points discussed is that Cove may have been diagnosed with a serious illness, possibly cancer. Rumors suggest that there were signs of Cove’s health issues during a trip to California in February 2023. The couple reportedly went offline for about a month following this trip, which fueled further speculation.

Is Aspyn Ovard’s Daughter Cove Really Sick?

There are claims that a Facebook post from someone named Jacelyn Foster in Olive Branch, Mississippi, mentioned seeing Aspyn and Parker at a local Target, which led to speculations due to the proximity of Olive Branch to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Additionally, changes in Aspyn and Parker’s social media activity, such as Aspyn changing her Facebook cover photo to one with Cove, Parker’s mother changing her profile picture to Cove, and Aspyn’s grandmother posting quotes about grieving and condolences, have all added to the speculations.

Moreover, there have been observations about Aspyn and Parker’s business decisions, such as the closure of their clothing store, Luca & Grae, and the delay in moving into their custom-built dream home. The closure of the store was attributed to “spending more time with family,” which seemed unusual given that the store was reportedly sustaining itself and employing Aspyn Ovard’s mother full-time.

Another significant point of speculation is the sudden change in the couple’s social media presence regarding their children. While Lola, their older daughter, is occasionally seen in photos and videos, Cove has been mostly kept out of the public eye. When Cove is shown, she is often in a hat with no visible hair, leading to further speculation about potential health issues.

Furthermore, there have been claims about Cove’s health possibly being related to a brain tumor, with suggestions that this information came from leaked comments and posts. Some have pointed to Aspyn Ovard mentioning Cove’s sleep issues in a vlog as a potential symptom of the rumored condition.

The most recent speculations also include details about the new baby Elle being born in March 2023, conceived through IVF for a specific purpose, possibly as a compatible donor sibling for Cove, and Aspyn filing for divorce from Parker.

Reddit: The Divorce Rumors and Aspyn Ovard’s Alleged Coldness Towards Cove

The Reddit threads on r/aspynovard delve into speculations and opinions surrounding Aspyn Ovard’s behavior and her daughter Cove’s health amid divorce rumors. According to a user claiming insider information, Aspyn’s perceived coldness towards Cove’s prognosis allegedly caused strain in her marriage. Questions arise regarding the couple’s public facade of togetherness despite apparent confusion among their acquaintances.

The users offer a range of viewpoints. Some defend Aspyn Ovard, suggesting her actions, such as having another baby, were attempts to save Cove’s life. Others critique her behavior, pointing out changes in her social media presence and home, indicating potential underlying issues.

Users discuss observations of Aspyn’s detachment from her children, notably Cove, and speculate about the impact of a child’s illness on the family dynamic. Cove’s possible health conditions, including DIPG and leukemia, are mentioned, raising concerns and prompting further speculation.

The discussion also touches on Aspyn Ovard’s parenting style, with some users noting perceived favoritism towards one child over another. Additionally, the strain a child’s illness can put on a marriage is highlighted, with users sharing personal experiences and anecdotes.

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