Nancy Rodriguez’s Weight Loss: The Love Is Blind Cast Looks Slimmer in the Reunion Episode!

Natalia Romanova

Nancy Rodriguez’s Weight Loss: The Love Is Blind Cast Looks Slimmer in the Reunion Episode!

Nancy Rodriguez’s weight loss is currently trending as she was seen in a way too slimmer body shape during the reunion episode of Love Is Blind. According to reports, she started lifting weights following a heartbreak in the show. Hence, the 34-year-old is currently focusing on herself and wants to get in the best shape of her life.

Although Love is Blind on Netflix is unquestionably cozy and romantic, the reality is that it can also be rather heartbreaking at times because not everyone gets their happily ever after. Yes, there is hope, but season 1 set the bar high with both married couples remaining together, and season 2’s divorce rate showed that not all relationships are successful.

Similarly, it’s time for the couples and ex-couples to reunite on some dispersed sectional sofa to respond to a lot of footage and answer a lot of questions from Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey now that another season of Love Is Blind Season 3 has come to an end. And given how emotional Season 3 of Love Is Blind has been, you can be sure that no one’s honeymoon will include the reunion.

Similarly, the reunion episode just arrived on the streaming platform. Apart from all the love stories and dramas, many viewers of the show have been surprised by Nancy Rodriguez’s appearance. Of course, she has gained a lot of followers of her own and they’ve noticed that she looks way too slimmer in the reunion episode when compared to her appearance before the reunion. Thus, her weight loss has been a subject of concern. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Nancy Rodriguez’s Weight Loss: The Love Is Blind Cast Has Lost a Significant Weight Following a Heart Break From Her Relationship With Bartise Bowden!

Nancy Rodriguez (@thenancyrodriguez) has definitely lost a few pounds since her appearance in Love is Blind. Yes, the 32-year-old diva looks way too slimmer and her weight loss appearance has created a buzz among her fans.

However, it’s not like most of the people who intend to lose weight because of their health problems or being overweight. Nancy now seems to be focusing on herself after everything happened between her and Bartise Bowden in the show. According to Netflix Tudum, she now lifts weight which automatically defines her current body shape.

Nancy wasn’t in a bad shape in the show. However, she looks much better now. Starting to lift weights automatically burns your fat and builds muscles. It seems like she has reduced the fat percentage in her body. Of course, she is in good shape now and looks to be more confident than she was in the late episodes of the Netflix series. Now, let’s know what really happened in the show and broke her heart.

The first time Nancy Rodriguez and Bartise spoke to one another in person, their exchange was almost perfect in every aspect and genuinely confirmed everything they’d said, felt, or done in the pods. On the second day, they did get into a small argument concerning Bartise’s age and his fiancée’s desire to not reveal it unless questioned, but they were able to resolve it peacefully.

Clearly, Nancy and Bartise seemed like they would be a perfect match, but as soon as they met the rest of the group, things started to go south, especially after Bartise noticed Raven Ross looked like someone who fits his type physically. As if it weren’t odd and heartbreaking enough, Bartise boozily confessed to Nancy that he believed Raven was nothing more than a show.

Bartise was being incredibly honest; he wasn’t trying to be cruel or unpleasant. Even though he stated that he was happy with his ultimate decision, this statement might have been taken too far. It seems like Nancy got really hurt and wanted to be the best version of herself. Therefore, working out was one of the factors which helped during her bad days which ultimately resulted in her weight loss.

During the reunion, Nancy makes it clear that they are no longer together. The moment Nancy confesses that she viewed a video of Bartise with another lady the day after their wedding, she bursts into tears. Bartise claims that while playing the episodes back, he was genuinely hoping for their relationship to succeed.

Bartise also acknowledges that he did sleep with that woman, but claims that it was just his method of dealing with the breakup and that it’s none of their business who he sleeps with afterward. The timing of how quickly he hooked up with someone else, according to the rest of the cast and even Nick and Vanessa Lachey, was unacceptable.

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