Susan Farmer from My 600 lb Life Now: Instagram, Still Alive, Weight Loss!

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Susan Farmer from My 600 lb Life Now: Instagram, Still Alive, Weight Loss!

Susan Farmer’s weight loss journey was featured on My 600 lb Life on TLC. Susan was one of the rarest cast members to shed off 407 pounds. Discover what Susan is doing now, including updates on her Instagram profile. Reddit users wonder if Susan Farmer from My 600-lb Life is still alive.

TLC‘s one of the heart-wrenching American reality shows, My 600-lb Life schleps eight obese people, and follows their daily lives, trying to lose pounds of weight.

Originally, released on 1st February 2012, the first season of My 600 lb  Life allured many viewers into watching the show, the production team wanted to benefit from the viewers, and the show has a total of ten seasons, featuring different obese people in the show.

Basically, those eight people seek medical help in their weight loss journey. During their shoot for My 600 lb Life, those people have to adhere to strict diet plans and work out routines from an eminent doctor, named, Dr. Now.

While Dr.Now will definitely give his best in preparing the best possible diet plans to aid people, it depends upon the obese people and their determination in following the diet. So, let’s get to know the journey of Susan Farmer in My 600 lb Life, and let’s find out what Susan has been doing now.

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Susan Farmer from My 600 lb Life: What is Susan doing Now?

Premiering on TLC, the American reality show, My 600 lb Life features the weight loss journey of eight obese people under the proper guidance and supervision of Dr. Now.

While the doctor will be giving his best in making the best possible weight loss diet, and plans, it depends upon people’s dedication and determination. When people lose specified pounds,  they get approval from the doctor to get bypass gastritis surgery.

Susan Farmer, a participant from My 600 lb Life tends to have one of the heart-wrenching stories, filled with extreme compilation. Upon joining My 600 lb Life, Susan weighed exactly 607 pounds.

Not only was she surrounded by her massive weight but she also suffered from lymphedema, which swelled the lower part of her body, and made it look like the entire fat was getting pulled by someone.

While Susan Farmer tried her best in living the normal life that other people have been living, it always turned out to be abnormal for her. From having difficulty walking to resting in the grocery store every minute, Farmer was tired of her massive appearance.

Thus, she decided to bring a drastic change in her life and took the initiative of trying out diet plans. Although she could have done it by herself, Susan Farmer’s instinct hinted her to seek medical advice and brought her to My 600 lb Life where she took even the smallest diet plans from Dr. Now.

Teeming herself with motivation, and the urge to shed pounds, despite it being quite daunting for her to adapt to the strict diet plans, she didn’t give up.

Eventually, she became one of the participants from My 600 lb Life to have a drastic change in her weight. To be specific, Susan Farmer shed 407 pounds and shocked everyone with her positive results.

Talking about now, she finally has been living her dream life, that normal life which she had always wished for. Presently, she lives in Eddy, Texas, and still has been continuing her weight loss journey.

Did Susan Farmer Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery for Weight Loss?

Getting the positive result from the diet plans, and workouts, Susam Farmer was the paragon for every other people wanting to lose weight.

While shape and size are perfect, there may be some people wanting to shed off their pounds to reduce the health complications.

When taking an appointment from Dr. Now, Susan Farmer’s weight loss acted as a positive catalyst and thus, was approved of undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Still today, Susan has been adhering to the same diet plans and has been taking her health seriously.

Unfortunately, Susan Farmer from My 600-lb Life does not appear to be on Instagram.

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