Selling Tampa: Monique Rodriguez’s Net Worth is $14 Million in 2021!

Natalia Romanova

Selling Tampa: Monique Rodriguez's Net Worth is $14 Million in 2021!

Monique Rodriguez, the owner of Mielle Organics has a hefty net worth of $14 million in 2021. The Mielle Organics’ owner is famous for her Mielle hair products and hair oil. Moreover, Monique’s company Mielle is worth over $100 million.

Monique Rodriguez, who featured on Selling Tampa on Netflix, is one of the successful entrepreneurs. Famously known for her hair oil company, Monique has been making a hefty net worth. No doubt, Monique, the CEO of Mielle Organics, has worked extremely hard to be in the position where she is at today.

Rodriguez began her Mielle Organics in 2014, however, she did not have those specific goals to being called an entrepreneur.

When people were curious about her hair products, and hair care routine, Monique Rodriguez sold one of her oils, and thus, that acted as a positive catalyst and brought numerous profits to her business: expanding her Mielle Organics.

Being the owner of Mielle Organics, Monique has been earning her livelihood. Her net worth in 2021 is more than sufficient for her to live a luxurious life, fulfilling all of her expectations and desires.

Mielle Organics Owner: Monique Rodriguez’s Net Worth is $14 Million in 2021

Being the CEO of one of the successful businesses, Monique has come this far with her extreme dedication and hard work.

As the owner of Mielle Organics, it is Monique Rodriguez‘s responsibility to assist the workers to take every stern initiative for the betterment of her company. Mielle Organics is basically a natural hair care company that is known for its products having benefits to fasten hair growth.

Today, Rodriguez may be one of the wealthiest people having a high net worth in 2021, Rodriguez had undergone heart-wrenching suffering before the start of Mielle Organics. In 2013, the eminent entrepreneur, Monique was 8 months pregnant with her son, Milan.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez’s uterus was ruptured, and therefore, she was rushed to the hospital. Conversely, rather than scrutinizing her health condition, and her son’s health, Monique Rodriguez was discharged. Little did Monique know that her baby’s brain was lacking sufficient oxygen.

Later, Monique Rodrigiez gave birth to her son, but the universe was not in her favor. Thus, Monique gave birth to a brain-dead child. Having a mother’s heart, Mielle Owner’s did not let go of her son and took care for about 6 months before he passed away.

After losing her son, and the end of this tragic story, Monique was all alone, and she felt that she had no purpose in living. With a broken heart, Monique was at that phase of life, where she had lost all of the bliss.

Surprisingly, Rodriguez got fascinated with skincare and hair care. Also, when the Mielle Organics’s owner posted her photo on Instagram, people asked her about her hair care routine. therefore, this motivated Monique Rodriguez to commence her hair care company.

In 2013, Monique made the oils in her garage and sold limited pieces. In 2021, Rodriguez is a multi-millionaire and her company has expanded to that extent, where hefty net worth is produced.

Summing up her money from Mielle Organics, it has been estimated that her net worth is around $14 million. Talking about Mielle Organics’ net worth, the company has claimed that Mielle Organics is worth more than $100 million.

Is Mielle Organics Cancelled?

Mielle Organics has been canceled by some fans. It all started when Linda Lynn was reviewing Mielle Organics products on her YouTube channel, and it seems that Linda was not satisfied with the product.

Therefore, Linda was speaking against the products, however, the Mielle Organics’ owner, Monique Rodriguez was upset with what Linda said in the video. Hence, the Mielle Organics’ owner wrote a comment in a video telling that Linda was not using the product correctly.

The feud had begun, and the YouTuber, Linda made another video with the title, “MIELLE ORGANICS Y’ALL ARE OUT OF LINE FOR THIS! | I’m Still Appalled.” In this particular video, Linda revealed that Monique’s husband called her and she told that the whole conversation was belittling.

While the fans stepped out on Twitter, canceling Mielle Organics, Monique posted a video asking for an apology.

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