Exploring Mona Kattan’s Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband & Age!

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Exploring Mona Kattan’s Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband & Age! blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Mona Kattan’s Wikipedia has been a popular search ever since it was announced that she was one of the cast members of Dubai Bling Season 2. Well, here is everything you need to know about her, including her net worth, age, and husband.

If you like reality programs and want to witness some of the richest and most notable people in Dubai, you should definitely check out Dubai Bling season 2, which premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.

The first season included a very large friend group of roughly eight taking on tasks, and it appears like we’re resuming up just where we left off. The first season also became an instant hit as it was trending in the global top 10 for non-English-language series for four consecutive weeks. It even grabbed a spot in the top 10 list in 47 countries.

With the release of the new season, we are introduced to many rich individuals who are living a lavish life in Dubai. One cast member who has grabbed the attention the most so far is Mona Kattan, Global President of Huda Beauty. Of course, many viewers have been seeking more information about her. Well, here’s her complete Wikipedia.

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Wikipedia: Everything You Need to Know About Mona Kattan; Net Worth & Age!

Mona Kattan (@monakattan) is an Iraqi-American businesswoman who has achieved international success in the cosmetics and fragrance industries. Born in Oklahoma, USA, to Iraqi parents in 1985, the Dubai Bling star moved to the UAE in 2003, where she finished high school at the Sharjah American International School.

She subsequently went on to study finance at the American University of Sharjah, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. While she began her career in investment banking, we all know that the beauty industry came calling.

Mona Kattan is currently 38 years old. blurred-reality.comMona Kattan is currently 38 years old.
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Mona Kattan is the current Global President of Huda Beauty. Her makeup company was launched in 2013 with the help of her sisters; Huda Kattan and Alya Kattan. Huda, who used to work in finance, used to make fake lashes for Mona Kattan’s friends, which she would frequently sell out of. When she couldn’t find any lashes, she realized they could create their own lash brand.

However, their success didn’t come overnight. They improved the items before pitching them to a cosmetic company to mass-produce the lashes. The Sephora Dubai Mall later gave them a try, and the rest is history.

Huda Beauty is now a full-fledged beauty and makeup brand. According to Forbes, the brand has annual sales of around $200 million. TSG Consumer Partners, a private equity group, acquired a minority investment in the company in 2017 for an unknown value, raising its valuation to $1.2 billion.

Not only is the Dubai Blingstar a beauty connoisseur, but she is also a self-proclaimed “perfume princess” with her own fragrance brand, Kayali, which is part of the Huda Beauty conglomerate. With its unique aromas and bejeweled packaging, the perfume brand pays respect to Kattan’s Middle Eastern roots. Kayali was inspired by her enthusiasm for fragrances and her acute sense of smell for layering and blending different components.

Of course, Mona Kattan has earned a massive fortune. According to reports, she has an estimated net worth between $100 – $200 million, making her the richest member of the Dubai Bling Season 2 by a huge margin.

Meet Mona Kattan’s Husband, Hassan Elamin!

Talking about her love life, Mona Kattan is married to her husband, Hassan Elamin. The couple tied the knot on February 22, 2022, after reportedly starting their romance in 2021.

Kattan mentioned in one of her YouTube videos that they met on Facebook before dating. Elamin’s sister and Mona were classmates at the same university. Before they started dating each other in 2021, the couple was acquainted and were friends.

Mona Kattan and her husband, Hassan Elamin. blurred-reality.comMona Kattan and her husband, Hassan Elamin.
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Kattan even launched The Wedding, a set of his and her perfumes, to commemorate their first wedding anniversary. It features sandalwood, white freesia, cedarwood, and other nuances.

Speaking more of her husband, Elamin earned an MSc in Insurance and Risk Management from Bayes Business School in London, according to Grazia. He began his career as an account executive before moving on to become the Head of Facultative, Middle East, Africa, and Turkey at Aon Reinsurance Solutions. He is currently employed there.

But this wasn’t the first time Mona Kattan got married. She was previously married to timber dealer and Posh Flooring director Dominic Nowell-Barnes. They tied the knot in 2019, however, called it quits in late 2020.