Who Is Kris Fade’s First Wife? Meet Marianne Argy!

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Who Is Kris Fade’s First Wife? Meet Marianne Argy! blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Talking about Kris Fade’s first wife, the Dubai Bling star was previously married to Marianne Argy. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2018. Currently, he is happily in a relationship with his fiancé, Brianna Ramirez. 

Born in Sydney, Australia, Kristan Fahd, often known as Kris Fade, is currently well-known in Dubai’s entertainment sector. He went to Dubai in 2008 and became well-known for his breakfast radio show. He suffered numerous challenges on his path to the top, including a tough divorce, but quitting was never an option for the Australian native.

While Kris Fade was already well-known as a radio DJ, his participation in Netflix‘s Dubai Bling sparked fans’ interest in learning more about his life, especially about his first wife. Well, here’s everything we know about his past relationship.

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Kris Fade’s First Wife Was Marianne Argy Whom He Divorced in 2018: The Couple Share 2 Children!

Kris Fade (@krisfade) from Dubai Blink is a Lebanese Australian who has lived in Dubai for around fourteen years. Talking about his love life, he was previously married to his first wife, Marianne Argy, with whom he had two children, Zahra, and Ariani.  However, their marriage couldn’t last for long and decided to get divorced in 2018.

Kris Fade and his first wife, Marianne Argy, got divorced in 2018. blurred-reality.comKris Fade and his first wife, Marianne Argy, got divorced in 2018. 
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Following the divorce from his first wife, he met a California-born Mexican American, Brianna Ramirez (@briannafade), who had been working in Dubai for almost eight years. They met on Instagram and hit it off right away; they began dating officially around 2015. He eventually proposed to Brianna in 2019 after four years of dating to which she gladly accepted.

Later, the happy couple stated to their friends on the show that they were starting wedding planning, implying that they wanted to marry soon. During a dinner with Zeina Khoury and her husband Hanna, they revealed getting couples counseling for some past troubles and were fully open about it.

According to their friends, the couple were a profoundly in-love couple with amazing chemistry; yet, others felt that the radio host was slightly controlling his fiancée. Regardless, the couple always put up a unified front and avoided any drama that afflicted the group. Furthermore, Kris Fade enjoys surprising his second wife; hence, during the show’s Valentine’s Day celebrations, he gives her a luxury car as a sign of affection.

Despite their chemistry and affection, the lovebirds encountered some conflict when planning their wedding. While Brianna was completely immersed in event planning, Kris felt she was ignoring her profession and needed to return to work. This irritated her because she was completely committed to making their wedding ideal and thought that her spouse was putting too much pressure on her with his lofty expectations and desires.

Although the matter of getting pregnant was still up for debate, Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez’s relationship was more than stable in season 2 of the show. While the former was not eager to become pregnant, she became concerned about the subject. Later, Kirs requested the help of Mona Kattan‘s bookcase to convey his concept to his wife. He suggested that they give it six months without any issues before seeking medical attention.

As for now, Kris and Brianna’s fans can celebrate because they are reaching new milestones in their relationship. The couple is currently residing in Dubai with the former’s daughters, Noushie and Kikki. His second wife is quite close to both of the daughters, who call her “B.” She even appears to be pleased to have adopted them both.

As fans of the show may recall, Brianna revealed her pregnancy to Kris in the series, which made the two of them very happy. But to let you know, the couple welcomed their gorgeous baby, Kruz George Fade, into the world on November 7, 2023. The two have been open about their connection with the public and appear to be looking forward to new experiences in their lives.

What Is Kris Fade’s Net Worth?

Kris Fade's net worth is estimated to be nearly $2 million. blurred-reality.comKris Fade’s net worth is estimated to be nearly $2 million. 
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Top DJs like Kris Fade, who work with foreign stations like Virgin Radio, can make up to 20000 AED, or $5500, in a single month, while radio jockeys in Dubai can expect to make roughly $2000. In addition, even though Kris has been in the radio business for a while, he makes a respectable living from sales thanks to the multimillion-dollar value of his firm, Fade Fit (@fadefit).

Additionally, Kris Fade’s other investments, such as Enhance Fitness and several social media brand collaborations, are quite profitable. Given his career and business dealings, it is not surprising that he earns close to $150,000 each year, implying that his current net worth is estimated to be nearly $2 million.