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As far as landscaping is concerned, it’s fair to claim Mike Pyle is the best in the industry. Famous for creating literal artworks through landscape design, Pyle enables homeowners not only to enhance spaces but also value to their house.

Pyle recently collaborated with his Inside Out co-host, Carmine Sabatella, to judge Episode 5 of Rock the Block Season 2, in which the teams focused on the exterior of their homes.

The duo presented them with useful insight — Pyle was quick to point out how essential landscaping was in helping each team increase the value of their homes.

Mike Pyle knows a lot about landscaping, having worked in the industry for 19 years. One look at his work will convince you that he approaches the whole process as an art form, so it’s no wonder that his work is actually an art.

Pyle’s most famous claim to fame has to be his ‘living murals,’ in which he reimagines classic artwork using shrubs and plants to produce murals that are literally alive.

Mike has used succulents to produce works such as Van Gogh‘s Starry Night and Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun. Pyle’s eye for architecture is at the heart of it all.

All matters when it comes to designing the ideal house, from the interior spaces to the exteriors. HGTV‘s latest show, Inside Out, covers all the bases as Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle flip houses while appealing to their talents.

As per the official show synopsis, “Renovation duo Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle transform homes as Carmine handles everything from the walls in, and Mike leads all things outside. They work together balancing client priorities and budgets to create stunning spaces from the inside out.”

Design / Landscape

Mike Pyle is a landscape designer & consultant. He has worked in the landscape industry for over a decade and is familiar with all aspects of construction and installation in order to create a beautiful and usable space for any venture.

Inside Out on HGTV

Mike Pyle and Carmen Sabatella, the hosts of the HGTV reality series Inside Out, collaborate to fully turn homeowners’ spaces — both inside and out. The seven-episode series premieres on 26th April 2021.

Married / Wife

Mike Pyle is not married to a wife yet. However, he is indeed in a relationship. He is engaged to his fiancee Lizzy Farag.

Mike Pyle’s Net Worth

Although there is no concrete information on Mike Pyle’s net worth, he has been in the industry for many years and is unquestionably exceptional when it comes to his designs; after all, his designs truly speak for themselves.

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