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Southern California home designers and landscapers Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle, stars of the latest HGTV show Inside Out, concur on one point: a beautifully renovated home necessitates excellent design both inside and out.

The seven-episode reality show, which premieres on 26th April follows Carmine, a real estate man and interior decorator, and Mike, a landscape designer, as they present their design proposals to customers.

There’s a specific budget, so the guys must persuade to give them more money to either upgrade the interior spaces or make the most of the outdoors.

More dollars for Carmine means clients get everything they desire and more for their home’s inside, while more cash for Mike means the property has wow-factor, visual charm, and big outdoor life amenities.

Regardless of who receives the bulk of the design budget, both the interior and exterior will be transformed.

Speaking in an interview, Carmen said that in his two decades of experience, he believes what unfolds on the inside is the most essential part of any renovation.

Mike pointed out people have been living a lie for twenty years. A house is far more than its four walls. The most critical factor is curb appeal.

In the first episode, Carmine and Mike visit a newlywed pair who bought a fixer-upper that requires substantial interior work as well as a complete outdoor makeover.

Carmine recommends an interior makeover with top-level finishing and all-new flooring, while Mike recommends a complete front and backyard makeover. Finally, the couple must determine which plan is the best investment for creating their ideal staycation home.

Wedding / Married / Husband / Ryan Delair

Carmine Sabatella is married to his husband Ryan Delair. Their wedding was held on 8th September 2018.

Inside Out on HGTV – Interior Design

Mike Pyle and Carmen Sabatella, the hosts of the HGTV reality series Inside Out, collaborate to fully turn homeowners’ spaces — both inside and out. The seven-episode series premieres on 26th April 2021.


Carmine Sabatella’s parents are Vera Sabatella (mother) and Ralph Sabatella (father). His mother is from Los Angeles, California, and she currently lives a single life in Pasadena, California.


Carmen Sabatella was born on 14th February 1975, which makes him 46 years old as of 2021.


Carmine Sabatella is quite active on Instagram. Check out his profile here!

Are Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle Married?

No, they are merely co-stars on TV.

Net Worth

While Carmine Sabatella’s precise net worth is not revealed, it’s expected to be in the top end of six figures.

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