Megan Stalter From Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef: Husband & YouTube Channel of the Hacks Star!

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Megan Stalter From Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef: Husband & YouTube Channel of the Hacks Star!

Megan Stalter, one of the hosts of Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef, is a comedian as well as an actress who rose to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic. With her rise, she was later cast as Kayla in HBO’s Hacks. She also does not have a husband as she is currently in a relationship with her girlfriend, Maggie. Yes, she is bisexual. Additionally, she does not seem to have a YouTube channel yet.

The new culinary show on Netflix, Snacks vs. Chef, puts chefs against one another to create some of the most popular snacks of all time. To win the $50,000 ultimate prize, the chefs will not only be required to reimagine existing snacks but also to make their own treats. Chefs compete in the head-to-head cooking competition to make some of the most recognizable delicacies in the world, such as Oreos.

The 12 chefs will face tremendous difficulty in addition to having to create a unique snack that is based on the legendary ones. Given that this is a food competition, viewers may anticipate lots of inventive recipes as the competitors are evaluated.

Along with fellow comedian Hari Kondabolu, Megan Stalter serves as the host of the Netflix culinary competition series, which has generated a lot of fuss. She is a comedian as well as based in Los Angeles. She became well-known during the COVID-19 pandemic and is regarded as the “queen of internet cringe humor.” As many viewers wanted to know more information about her, here is everything we know about Megan Stalter.

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Megan Stalter From Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef: The Comedian Is Currently in a Relationship With Her Girlfriend, Maddie!

The New York Times dubbed Megan Stalter (@megsstalter) the “queen of quarantine” and the “sketch comedy’s newest star” in 2020 due to the various bizarre, irrational, occasionally hostile, and unplanned characters she frequently featured on her Instagram and TikTok. But it was her depiction as Kayla, the world’s worst assistant, in the Emmy-nominated HBO‘s Hacks, that the Snack vs. Chef host her famous. And for those seeking her YouTube channel, she does not have one yet.

Megan Stalter is from Ohio and comes from a loving, close-knit family with a similar sense of humor. She spent her first 12 years of life in Cleveland, where her father works as a tattoo artist. She has two sisters, a younger brother named Nick who is also a tattoo artist, and an adorable nephew.

Meanwhile, her mother is a nurse. She was raised in the Pentecostal Church and attended Wayne High School in Huber Heights, Ohio. From an early age, Megan created humorous videos with her brothers and cousins, mainly influenced by her witty mother and sisters who also enjoyed drawing cartoons and recording them.

Megan Stalter therefore always pictured herself as a performance artist and explained its relevance in an interview by adding, “I just really needed to be onstage. I definitely didn’t fit in in high school, besides drama club. And I auditioned for everything, and I would research the role and I would prepare a lot.” Megan attended Sinclair Community College and Wright State University after high school, but she eventually dropped out to pursue acting. She even worked as a teacher, nurse, church worker, and taught Bible school to earn money.

After performing improv comedy for a time in Dayton and Chicago, Megan moved to New York in 2019 and started performing. Her online doodles and silly-themed Instagram Lives, on the other hand, captured everyone’s attention after the pandemic struck and people were trapped in their houses, and the rest is history!

Her fame as a comic helped her secure several television roles, including one on HBO series, Hacks, which helped the comedian win several comedy Emmys in 2021. However, the Snack vs. Chef host claimed that she feels most secure on stage during a virtual interview with the Guardian. She explained,

I’m never happier than when I’m on stage, I mean, besides being with the ones I love.

Now, let’s talk about her love life. Does she have a husband? Well, not!! Megan, who is currently residing in Los Angeles, came out as openly bisexual and has acknowledged dating both men and women. However, Megan Stalter’s fans would be delighted to learn that she is currently in a stable relationship with Maddie, her girlfriend.

Megan announced her relationship with Maddie on Instagram for the first time in October 2022 by calling Maddie her “girl” and posting a photo of the two together with the caption “Hard Launch.” Nothing else about Maddie has been disclosed by her, thus nothing is known about her ladylove.

The couple appears to be really in love, as Megan Stalter frequently posts adorable photos of them together. They are truly content to be with each other, whether they are dining out, celebrating a special occasion or festival together, or traveling to new locations. Additionally, Megan enjoys writing kind words for Maddie in which she refers to her as “the funniest most beautiful,” demonstrating their genuine affection to others. We can only hope for a future filled with love and happiness for Megan and Maddie.

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