Francis Legge From Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef: Restaurant & Wife of the Former Chopped & Masterchef Contestant!

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Francis Legge From Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef: Restaurant & Wife of the Former Chopped & Masterchef Contestant!

Francis Legge, one of the competing chefs of Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef, does not have his own restaurant but is the co-owner of Shortbread Society which sells shortbread delights through Goldbelly along with his wife, Christine. The Scottish chef also has previously competed in Chopped as well as Masterchef. Additionally, Francis Legge also identifies himself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Snack vs. Chef on Netflix, hosted by Hari Kondabolu and Megan Stalter, is a reality cookery show with a unique premise. It invites a number of culinary professionals to demonstrate how well-versed they are in some of the most popular foods in the nation. To win the judges’ approval and the $50,000 big prize, contestants must recreate classic snacks or create their own delectable dishes during multiple rounds.

All 12 chefs competed in the ultimate snack showdown for the season premiere of the Netflix show, with the winner taking home the top cash prize. The chefs had prepared culinary skill sets and came from backgrounds of expertise.

Chef Scottish Francis (full name: Francis Legge) was one of the show’s 12 outstanding participants who developed some fantastic meals imitating popular snacks. Despite winning the first round, he lost out on a position in the finale in the following round. You’ve come to the right place if you wish to know more about Francis Legge. Well, let’s get started.

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Francis Legge From Snack vs. Chef: The Co-Owner of Shortbread Society and His Wife Are Very Supportive of the LGBTQ+ Community!

Francis Legge (@chefscottishfrancis), a Scottish chef and dessert expert who was born in London, has quickly established himself as one of the most well-known culinary TV personalities. In addition to Netflix’s Snack vs. Chef, he has been on shows like Master Chef, Chopped, and Foodgod. Also, he is one of the few chefs on television who have truly defeated Bobby Flay.

As delicious as Francis’s culinary creations may be, his quirkiness, twinkling eyes, warm Scott-Welsh accent, and quirky demeanor all contribute to his broad appeal as a TV chef. Despite the fact that they both have strawberry blond/red hair, he is like Gordon Ramsey‘s polar opposite. However, Francis is more renowned for offering quick wit and a hug than for tossing a burning pot across the stove in a fit of wrath, unlike Ramsey.

Francis Legge rose to prominence on Masterchef in season 5, where he was noted for his unique, “out of the box,” concepts that initially baffled judges but ultimately won them over. Though a seasoning mistake that resulted in his elimination in episode 11 may have turned this fearlessness against him. But by that point, he had gained worldwide popularity and was a fan favorite. Since then, his star has continued to rise.

In the Netflix series, the judges believed that his first dish was ineffective since it wasn’t as spicy as the Cheetos he had to recreate and because the dough was wet and not crispy. However, the judges did agree that Francis’ Cheetos had a pretty good flavor, describing the powder as “deeply umami and intensely spicy” like a blazing hot Cheeto.

Francis eventually won the first round when the other two competitors were unable to reach their full potential. The chefs had to make their own version of the snack in the following round, drawing inspiration from one of the ingredients they used in the Cheetos round. A residue that sticks to one’s fingertips after eating the snack had to be left behind as well.

In the second round, Francis Legge created “Scorcheez,” a doughnut-based snack, by fusing his doughnut-making abilities with his powdered Cheeto element. The judges praised him for the powder’s spiciness and umami flavor and described the snack as a “fantastical mess.” However, Francis eventually lost his chance to compete in the finals as the judges ultimately decided on Sandy‘s dishes based on the two rounds.

Together with his wife Christine, Francis, who publicly identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, founded the Short Bread Society. The dynamic couple, who live close to New York City, noticed a gap in what they refer to as “real” shortbread options and set out to fill it.

Every week, Francis and Christine have been holding top-secret, exclusive pop-up events in New York City and Jersey City to showcase their opulent creations, utterly upending the notion of conventional shortbread. Additionally, they are already distributing their delights almost anywhere in America through Goldbelly. So there’s no reason not to give them a try and see what all the fuss is about.

It’s important to note that Francis Legge and his wife have passions outside of their business. Additionally, they provide an example of sincere charity by contributing to the Stonewall Gives Back initiative each year during Pride Month. Francis also expressed his hope that viewers of the Netflix show would enjoy themselves as well as support the network’s dedication to LGBTQ awareness as he explained,

There is also a trans woman named Luna competing on the show, and she is incredible. So Netflix is very inclusive.

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