McKinli Hatch’s Boyfriend, Ryan Taugher: What Happened? Arrested in Nashville for Assault Update!

Anup Jung Pandey

McKinli Hatch’s Boyfriend, Ryan Taugher: What Happened? Arrested in Nashville for Assault Update!

McKinli Hatch’s boyfriend, Ryan Taugher, was recently arrested in Nashville for assaulting her. It appears the couple has now broken up and Ryan is currently in jail.

McKinli Hatch has built a reputation for being a well-known blogger and Instagram influencer. Hatch has amassed an incredible 217k followers on her own Instagram account, making her a well-known figure in the online community. She openly states in her Instagram bio that she is the founder and CEO of Mckie Rae Clothing.

Her internet presence has also grown as a result of her giving fashion, food, fitness, and hair tips on her site Hey Mcki. In addition to Instagram, she has a sizable fan base on her TikTok handle, where over 552k people follow her.

Recently, McKinli Hatch has been in the spotlight as she was recently assaulted by her boyfriend, Ryan Taugher. Well, here is a full story.

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McKinli Hatch’s Boyfriend, Ryan Taugher, Arrested After Assaulting Her!

According to various sources, McKinli Hatch (@mckinli) was assaulted by her boyfriend, Ryan Taugher, in July. He was later arrested by the Nashville police. Reports suggest he is still in jail.

McKinli Hatch was recently assaulted by her boyfriend, Ryan Taugher. blurred-reality.comMcKinli Hatch was recently assaulted by her boyfriend, Ryan Taugher.
Image Source: Instagram

There was reportedly an initial argument after Ryan allegedly hit McKinli while drunk. Then, according to her, he allegedly threw a piece of frozen candy at her and hurled her clothes around the house.

Ryan then hurled a glass bottle at McKinli Hatch while still drunk, and it smashed across her buttocks, resulting in injuries and bleeding. When she went outside to call 911, she described being hit and being chased. Second later, he quickly snatched the phone and ended the conversation.

Officers came to the hang-up call, but Ryan managed to hide them by dragging her into the bushes. When no one answered when the officers knocked on the door, they drove around the corner. He led her back into the house after they had left the immediate area and locked her in a room. She was frightened of being assaulted if she tried to leave because of their history.

She had earlier texted her family for assistance, so Ryan made her text them to let them know she was fine. Then he made her take off her bleeding clothes. He pursued her as she yelled and she managed to slip out the front door for a brief while. Officers in the area heard the yelling and when they arrived, they saw Ryan holding her while she fought. Ryan Taugher was arrested after they were separated.

Where Is McKinli Hatch’s Boyfriend Now?

It appears Ryan is in prison at the moment. And there is no doubt they are no longer a boyfriend and a girlfriend. After the incident, McKinli Hatch even shared a video confirming she was living the best of her life. The caption read,

I was supposed to move to Nashville with my boyfriend two weeks ago. But now I am moving into my OWN house and about to live my BEST life without him.

McKinli Hatch claims to be happy without her boyfriend. blurred-reality.comMcKinli Hatch claims to be happy without her boyfriend.
Image Source: Instagram

However, McKinli Hatch has not specified what happened between her and Ryan officially. Nevertheless, we believe she is now living a happy life and we hope she finds her partner soon.

More About McKinli Hatch!

McKinli Hatch is 32 years old right now. She was born on January 28, 1991. As of writing, she has an estimated net worth of $5 million. McKinli, along with Jessica Gee, place a lot of focus on family in their blogs, sharing their own stories and observations.

She has developed a sizable fan base by disseminating information about fashion, cuisine, and fitness. It’s important to note that McKinli Hatch has become well-known in the blogging world. She is now one of the wealthiest bloggers in the industry, thanks to the popularity and success of her relatable and interesting writing.