Jordan Clarkson’s Girlfriend (Wife) In 2023: In a Relationship With Maggie Lindeman?

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Jordan Clarkson’s Girlfriend (Wife) In 2023: In a Relationship With Maggie Lindeman?

As of 2023, Jordan Clarkson is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann. However, the couple has yet to become a husband and a wife. Before being with Maggie, he was in relationships with many known faces, including Jasmine Rae and Ashlee Roberson. 

Jordan Taylor Clarkson is a Filipino-American professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association. He began his professional career as a freshman at Tulsa, where he was named to the 2011 Conference USA All-Freshman team after being named the Conference USA Freshman of the Week four times in 2010–11.

Recently, Jordan Clarkson has been in the headlines after his game against China at the FIBA World Cup was stunning. Dwyane Wade also showed his appreciation for the game through his Instagram. He scored 20 points in just four minutes for the Philippines, which seems to be an eye-catching move for fans and other players.

On the other hand, many people seemed to be interested in Clarkson’s life, especially his relationship status. Well, here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend in 2023.

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2023: Jordan Clarkson Is in a Relationship With His Girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann!

As of 2023, Jordan Clarkson (@jordanclarksons) seems to be very happy with his girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann. The couple has been dating for a year now. There is still confusion over whether Maggie is Jordan’s wife or not, but they haven’t gotten married yet. Before dating Maggie, Jordan had a few official and unofficial relationships, including with Jasmine Rae, Ashlee Roberson, and Kendall Jenner.

Jordan Clarkson and his girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann, have been dating for over a year. blurred-reality.comJordan Clarkson and his girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann, have been dating for over a year.
Image Source: Instagram

Jordan has been open about his relationship and his personal life since the beginning of his career. While he has revealed having a girlfriend for a long time, people have been linking him with many known faces.

He loves to update about his relationship, and lastly, on July 21, 2023, he posted a series of pictures on his Instagram, expressing his love for his girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann, with the caption,

1. filled w love,learning, and a whole lot of fun happy birthday love 🖤 i love you! have your day!

Jordan Clarkson’s Wife: Is He Married to Maggie Lindemann!

Many people are confused about Jordan Clarkson and Maggie Lindemann. Some say that they might have already gotten married and have already become a husband and a wife. However, they have not mentioned anything about getting married yet.

Margaret Elizabeth Lindemann, aka Maggie Lindemann (@maggielindemann), is an American singer-songwriter. She used to sing and post on her Instagram before Gerald Tennison discovered a video of her singing.

She launched her career by releasing her first single, Knocking On Your Heart, in September 2015. She gained fame in 2016 after her single Pretty Girl, peaked at number 4 in Sweden, number 6 in Ireland, and number 8 in the United Kingdom.

Jordan Clarkson’s Ex-girlfriends Include Ashlee Roberson and Jasmine Rae!

Jordan Clarkson‘s first girlfriend with whom he went official was Ashlee Roberson in 2016. There is no information about when and how the couple started dating, but some online reporters claim that they met each other during basketball games. They dated for one year but failed to save their relationship and ended it in 2017.

Jordan Clarkson and Ashlee Roberson have a daughter together. blurred-reality.comJordan Clarkson and Ashlee Roberson have a daughter together.
Image Source: Facebook

Ashlee Nicole Roberson is an American retired professional basketball player who played collegiately for the Texas Tech Raiders women’s basketball team. She started playing basketball in high school, and she was known for performing well against top teams in the country. Jordan and Ashlee have a daughter together who was born in 2018, and they are currently co-parenting her.

After breaking up with Ashlee, Clarkson went official with American model Jasmine Rae. The couple met each other in late 2019 and started dating. Jordan dated Rae for a month before calling her a girlfriend. They enjoyed their relationship for months, but in early 2021, they decided to end things and got separated.

Did Jordan Clarkson Ever Date Kendall Jenner?

As we have already mentioned, Jordan Clarkson is linked with many known faces, including Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bebbir. There is no confirmation of them being Jordan’s girlfriends nor they have ever admitted to being with him. However, there are a few things that may convince people to get some hints about their relationship.

Kendall and Jordan’s relationship was the topic of discussion in 2016. The pair were said to be together after they made their appearance at Drake‘s American Music Awards after-party.

Even more when one of Jordan’s close sources claimed that Jordan and Kendall were dating causally in July 2016. Nevertheless, it looks like their relationship never came to any conclusion.