How Was Matt Rife Before Jawline Surgery?

Allan Ivanov

How Was Matt Rife Before Jawline Surgery?

People have been curious to know how Matt Rife looked before receiving jawline surgery after a plastic surgeon named Dr. Benjamin Caughlin claimed that he performed surgery on a celebrity comedian. Well, let’s examine his before and after pictures.

Matt Rife has lately come under fire for a joke he cracked about domestic abuse during one of his stand-up appearances. Fans were even more outraged by the release of his Netflix series, Natural Selection, in which he joked about women getting black eyes from their partners because they couldn’t cook.

However, he is now in the spotlight for more than just his provocative joke, after a plastic surgeon posted a TikTok mentioning a famous customer of theirs, to which Matt publicly responded. Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, who can be found on TikTok at (@manyfacesofchicago), released a video suggesting having performed plastic surgery on a celebrity who was subsequently canceled.

“He shall not be named… #cancelled #jawlinecheck #comedian #standup #celeb,” the video’s description read, leading many to believe Dr. Ben was referring to Matt Rife. As a result, many people have been curious to know how he looked before jawline surgery. Well, let’s examine it in detail.

Matt Rife Had a Rounded and Less Sharp Jawline Before Alleged Jawline Surgery!

When you look at Matt Rife‘s before and after pictures, there is no doubt that he has had a significant transformation over the years. He used to have a jawline with evident fat like a normal person before. It’s all gone now. He currently has a very sharp jawline. However, Matt (@mattrife) recently denied the plastic surgeon’s claims of undergoing jawline surgery.

Matt Rife before (left, right) and after (middle) jawline surgery. blurred-reality.comMatt Rife before (left, right) and after (middle) jawline surgery.
Image Source: The Tab

As mentioned above, Dr. Benjamin Caughlin (@manyfacesofchicago), a well-known plastic surgeon, posted on Instagram and TikTok about a recent patient he claimed to have treated. He specializes in contouring the buccal fat pad and the jawline.

Caughlin was seen caressing his jaw and then skipping into his office, with on-screen text that said, “Me after creating the greatest jawline ever seen just for my patient to get cancelled right after.”

Even though the plastic surgeon didn’t take any names, everyone was convinced that he was referring to Matt Rife. Even Matt himself took to the comment and seemingly refused the allegations writing, “Lying about medical history is illegal, just FYI.”

Matt clearly looks different from when he was younger, and he is open about having his teeth done. Before performance footage of Matt Rife reveals him having a gap between his two front teeth when he was younger. His teeth, on the other hand, now have no gaps between them, are all the same length, and are very white.

As for his jawline, before Rife became as well-known as he is today, his jaw appeared more rounded and less prominent in photographs. His current pictures show him with a sculpted, square jawline, which many believe was attained by surgical intervention.

Despite widespread discussion about whether he’s had any further work done, particularly jawline surgery, Matt credits only one person: Mother Nature. In one of his shows, he said,

Puberty hit me so disrespectfully late. I was ugly as s*** for the first 22 years of my life.

Matt Rife Claims That He Has Never Had Plastic Surgery!

Matt Rife addressed concerns that he had undergone surgery a week before the video was released. Mario Lopez of Access Hollywood asked Rife about the biggest falsehood he’s read about himself. He said,

That I’ve had plastic surgery. That’s the funniest thing in the entire world to me. Because I hit puberty too late, I didn’t look like this until I was like 23.

Matt Rife refuses all the plastic surgery allegations. blurred-reality.comMatt Rife refuses all the plastic surgery allegations.
Image Source: Instagram

Despite his refusal, fans continue to suspect that Rife has received cheek fillers or jawline surgery to acquire his sculpted appearance. Well, this remains a mystery for now. While Matt has been refusing the allegations, a lot of plastic surgeons are convinced that he has gone under the knife.