Maja Bohosiewicz From Love Never Lies: Poland; Find the Netflix Star on Instagram!

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Maja Bohosiewicz From Love Never Lies: Poland; Find the Netflix Star on Instagram!

Maja Bohosiewicz, the host of Netflix’s Love Never Lies: Poland, is a Polish actress and writer who was born on November 20, 1990, in Zory, Slaskie, Poland. The 33-year-old actress is married to her husband, Tomasz Kwaniewski, and also have two children together. Follow to know more about Maja Bohosiewicz with her complete Wikipedia and Instagram handle (@majabohosiewicz).

Love Never Lies on Netflix is returning to television screens, but with a new setting in Poland along with six new couples who will put their relationships to the test, as their time in the villa will bring out the best or worst in their partners. Each couple will have to be completely honest during their time in Love Never Lies: Poland if they want to leave with a large prize.

Deception is expensive, and the truth has a cost – and this series will be filled with emotions and a few scandals. Love Never Lies will be Poland’s first unscripted series, with six couples tested on their loyalty using an eye-scanning lie detector. The couples will live together in a villa while their love is being watched. But will they make it to the end? The cast will lose money every time they lie. They will, however, be compensated for telling the truth until the strongest couple leaves with the grand prize.

Maja Bohosiewicz, an actress and influencer, is the host of Netflix’s first Polish unscripted reality series. She became well-known after her work on movies like Pani Z Pzedszkola and television shows like M Jak Milosc. So, if you are curious to learn more about Maja Bohosiewicz, here is everything you need to know!

Maja Bohosiewicz From Love Never Lies Poland: The Polish Actress Was Born in Zory, Slaskie, Poland on November 20, 1990!

Love Never Lies: Poland (Polska) is a brand new Netflix reality game show which is hosted by Maja Bohosiewicz (@majabohosiewicz), an actress and influencer. The series features six couples placed in a remote location to face the ultimate test of love which is directed by Malgorzata Mimi Majda. Similarly, the show is produced by Piotr Radzyminski, Julita Brutus, and Barbara Wlodarek.

Maja Bohosiewicz was born in Zory, Slaskie, Poland on November 20, 1990. She is a Polish actress and writer, best known for her roles in In Darkness (2011), Wybraniec (2014), and Za marzenia (2015). She was born into a Polish Armenian family and has two brothers, Lukasz (born 1973) and Mateusz (born 1988), and one older sister, Sonia (born 1975). In the meantime, she is Jakub Bohosiewicz‘s cousin.

Similarly, Maja Bohosiewicz is a graduate of L’Art Studio’s Acting High School in Krakow. She later made her acting debut at Krakow’s Teatr im. Juliusz Sowacki. She then attended the Warsaw Film School to study directing.

In September 2013, she graced the cover of Playboy magazine‘s Polish edition. Later, in 2014, she competed in the second season of the entertainment show Your Face Sounds Familiar, finishing in eighth place. She was also the main character in the TVP2 series For Dreams (2018–2019).

Maja Bohosiewicz also has been running her own clothing company, Le Collet, since 2018. She married Tomasz Kwaniewski on December 31, 2018, and they have two children: son Zachary (born June 17, 2016) and daughter Leonia (born July 28, 2017).

Maja Bohosiewicz Recalls Giving Birth to Her Two Children!

Maja Bohosiewicz is Tomasz Kwaniewski‘s wife since 2018 and the mother of two children, Zachary and Leonia. Bohosiewicz decided to respond to her fans’ inquiries after one Instagram user inquired about the births. Among other things the actress was asked about her two births and one of the female fans asked, “If too personal, sorry. How do you remember the birth?.” Where Bohosiewicz made an honest admission.

In both cases, she admitted to having a cesarean section. The room was filled with pleasant music, and her husband was holding her hand. The clinic had a very pleasant atmosphere. The actress admitted that her beloved doctor looked after her. She was not alone in the hospital because she was visited by relatives. She vividly recalls both of her childbirths. She stated,

I have wonderful memories of her. I had two caesarean sections. Pleasant music played in the hall. My husband held my hand. The anesthetist reassured me a lot. I was cut by my beloved Doctor Pazio, with whom I have been a patient for years. Everyone was very nice and helpful and the days in the hospital were full of friends and family visiting me. Seriously too – the birth is 10/10 for me.

Maja Bohosiewicz’s fans were eager to see how she juggles work, travel, and motherhood. The actress admitted that she was surrounded by wonderful people everywhere she went and that she was able to manage her time well. She is also assisted by a nanny who picks up the children and transports them to school.

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