Love Never Lies Poland Filming Location: Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Show!

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Love Never Lies Poland Filming Location: Everything You Need to Know About the Netflix Show!

Talking about its filming location, Love Never Lies: Poland on Netflix was reportedly filmed in a remote location in Poland. However, the information about the exact location has yet not been made public. Additionally, the reality show seems to have been shot in the fall of 2022.

Netflix‘s Love Never Lies finds a home in the streaming giant’s ever-expanding list of exciting reality shows. This reality show answers the age-old question that still plagues the average viewer: Is it possible for a person to remain loyal to the one they love?

The reality show revolves around six couples who must spend three weeks in a spectacular villa while their lies are revealed via eye detection, a system that records eye movements that indicate whether a person is lying.

Love Never Lies is returning to television screens, but with a new setting in Poland, a new cast, and a new host. Hosted by Maja Bohosiewicz, Love Never Lies: Poland takes place in an idyllic setting that treats the viewers’ eyes. So, if you’re wondering about the filming location of the show, here is everything you need to know.

Love Never Lies Poland Filing Location: The Netflix Show Is Said to Be Placed in a Remote Area in Poland, However, the Exact Location Is Yet to Be Revealed!

Love Never Lies: Poland (Polska) is a brand new Netflix reality game show. The series, hosted by Maja Bohosiewicz (@majabohosiewicz), features six couples who are placed in a remote location in Poland to face the ultimate test of love. Malgorzata Mimi Majda, Ewa Grodzka, and Dominika Roman co-direct the series. And produced by Piotr Radzyminski, Julita Brutus, and Barbara Wlodarek.

The show seems to have been shot in the fall of 2022. If you’re wondering who owns the magnificent sights featured in the show, look no further. You’ll be pleased to learn that the series was most likely shot inside Poland. However, the information about the exact location has not been made public yet.

The series premiered on January 25, 2023, with six episodes lasting 45-50 minutes each. The finale has yet to be released. All episodes have audio and subtitles in both English and Polish.

The basic premise of the show is that the couple who answers the most questions truthfully will win a massive cash prize of 100,000 PLN. High-tech software detects their eye movements to determine whether they are lying or telling the truth. The most difficult aspect is remaining faithful to their significant other in the face of the most enticing temptations.

The couples taking part in the reality show are from various parts of Poland. The following are the six couples: The only homosexual couple in the show are interior designer Wiktoria and logistician Jasiek, professional dancer Bernadeta and her partner Dominik, 22-year-old Kasia, and Kornel, 28-year-old Jdrzej and 27-year-old Bruno along with IdaMateusz, Lilia, and personal trainer Andrzej.

Everyone has been caught lying at least once so far. The two most likely winners are Lilia and Andrzej and Jdrzej and Bruno. It is also important to note that the couple must remain together until the end in order to win the cash prize, and both couples are displaying some resentment towards each other, which could lead to a breakup.

Six episodes have so far been released on the platform. The final and final episode, which will reveal the ultimate winner of the massive cash prize, will be released soon, but no official date has been announced. If the show follows the format of the previous season, the next episode will most likely air next week on the same day. Love Never Lies Poland’s six episodes are now available on Netflix.

Love Never Lies: What Is the Show About?

The basic premise of Netflix’s Love Never Lies is that couples compete for a large cash prize of 100,000 PLN, and the rule is that they must remain loyal to their current relationships. The only thing they had to do was resist the temptations and show basic respect for their partners.

The show‘s central theme is explicit sexual content. Uncomfortable revelations about their past, which has ruined many relationships, are also frequently included. There was not a single interesting moment in the show; in fact, it was rather dull overall. The couples appeared genuine, and their motives revealed the deception. The technology used to test the participants’ honesty or lying was the most amusing aspect of the show.

The creators do not reveal any information about the equipment used to determine the fate of the contestants, other than that the machine checks eye movements to determine whether a statement is true or false. When one tells the truth, 2000 PLN is added to the prize money; when one lies, 2000 PLN is deducted.

Furthermore, the contestants are shown explicit video clips of what their partners are up to. The host baits them with a basic version, and they have to spend another 1000 PLN from the total prize money to view the premium version. Situations become tangled, boundaries are crossed, and it is clear that some people are not meant to be together.

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