Maddie Ziegler’s Boyfriend in 2023: Single or Married? Ex-boyfriends & Eddie Benjamin!

Shibakshya Rai

Maddie Ziegler’s Boyfriend in 2023: Single or Married? Ex-boyfriends & Eddie Benjamin!

As of 2023, Maddie Ziegler neither has a boyfriend nor is she married. She has been single since splitting with Eddie Benjamin. Follow to know the details of her ex-boyfriends.

Maddie Ziegler (full name: Madison Nicole Ziegler) is an American dancer, actress, and model who gained widespread recognition for her appearances on the reality television show, Dance Moms, which aired from 2011 to 2016. One of the original cast members, she soon established herself as a star performer on the show, thanks to her remarkable dancing abilities and moving performances.

After her success on Dance Moms, Maddie starred in a series of music videos for the Australian singer Sia, including the videos for Chandelier, Elastic Heart, Big Girls Cry, and more. She has since become a global star and has been featured in numerous reality shows.

After being in a relationship for around 3 years, Maddie Ziegler and her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, called it quits in February 2023. As a result, many people wonder if she has a new boyfriend or is single right now. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Maddie Ziegler Does Not Have a Boyfriend in 2023!

As of July 2023, Maddie Ziegler (@maddieziegle) does not appear to have a boyfriend. The 20-year-old star appears to be single and focusing on her career. She has not been linked to anybody ever since splitting with her former lover, Eddie Benjamin.

Maddie Ziegler doesn't seem to have a boyfriend in 2023. blurred-reality.comMaddie Ziegler doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend in 2023.
Image Source: Instagram

It appears Maddie is taking her time before jumping into another relationship. Splitting with someone who you were together for 3 years isn’t as easy as most of think, especially when you’re in your early phase. At this age, you don’t have enough ideas of what you did, what you’re doing, and what you plan to do. Of course, handling a relationship and moving on from your past isn’t easy as well.

Thus we can assume Maddie Ziegler is taking her time or has decided to focus on her career. Above all, you need to find the right person whom you can call your boyfriend. And it mostly doesn’t happen in a short time.

On the other hand, there’s a chance she might be dating someone in private but does not want to reveal it to the public. Of course, you receive a lot of criticism when you get into another relationship right after ending your 3 years romance. Well, this is completely speculative. However, we will definitely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about Maddie’s possible relationship.

Is Maddie Ziegler Married?

It would be foolish to expect a 20-year-old to get married. Of course, people of this age can legally get married, however, we don’t believe it is an appropriate age to commit to someone forever, especially when you’re a rising star.

And yes, Maddie Ziegler has never been married before. We would have to wait a lot to see her tie the know. Or maybe not. Things don’t go as expected these days.

Maddie Ziegler’s Ex-boyfriends: Eddie Benjamin & Jack Kelly!

When it comes to Maddie Ziegler‘s ex-boyfriends, only 2 names have been made public so far: Jack Kelly and Eddie Benjamin.

Maddie Ziegler and her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin. blurred-reality.comMaddie Ziegler and her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin.
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Maddie and Jack Kelly began dating in January 2017. In a since-deleted Instagram post, the couple announced their romance to the world. Although it’s unclear when they split up, followers began noting that the couple stopped posting images with each other in July 2018.

Fans were shocked in March 2020 when Maddie uploaded a snapshot of herself snuggled close to her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, while the two lay in bed together. During the early stages of their relationship, the dancer kept her relationship with the Australian musician very private.

She hugged the singer while avoiding the camera in June 2020, and the duo posted photographs from a sensual session in September 2020. Maddie and Eddie were both drenched, and his lips were smeared with her lipstick. It’s uncertain when they first met. Sources revealed to People in February 2023 that the couple had split after almost three years together.