Lucien Laviscount’s Girlfriend/Wife in 2022: Is the Alfie Actor Dating Anybody? Emily in Paris Update!

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Lucien Laviscount’s Girlfriend/Wife in 2022: Is the Alfie Actor Dating Anybody? Emily in Paris Update!

Lucien Laviscount, who plays the role of Alfie in Netflix’s Emily in Paris, neither has a wife nor a girlfriend. Yes, the 30-year-old actor is single in 2022. Despite being linked to many celebrities, including Sophie Reade, Chelsee Healey, Keke Palmer, Kelly Osborne, Jesy Nelson, and Hannah John-Kamen previously, Lucien Laviscount has never acknowledged his relationship with any of them.

Being a fan of Emily in Paris on Netflix means getting to know its very charming cast, and while Lucien Laviscount is technically still a new member of the group, his name has been on our minds since he made his season two debut. Consider us obsessed, whether it’s worrying over the connection between his character Alfie and his on-again, off-again love, Emily Cooper, or trying to recall which series he’s appeared in before.

In the third season of Emily in Paris, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) are involved in a love triangle. In the newest season of the show, Emily tries to choose her future in the breathtaking city as well as who she actually wants to be with.

Apart from what happens in the show, fans must be interested in learning more about Lucien Laviscount given the attention he received for his intriguing performances and amazing good looks. Although we know what his fictional romantic life is like, fans are eager to see who he is dating in real life. Does he have a girlfriend? Or does he have a wife? Let’s find it out together.

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Lucien Laviscount’s Girlfriend/Wife: The Elfie Actor From Emily in Paris Is Single and Looking For His Soul-Mate in 2022!

For all the ladies out there, Lucien Laviscount (@its_lucien) neither has a girlfriend nor a wife. The Emily in Paris star is single and ready to mingle in 2022. In fact, the 30-year-old British woman hasn’t made her relationship with a partner completely public in more than 10 years. Naturally, this has resulted in numerous rumors regarding his romantic experiences.

Laviscount won a spot in the Celebrity Big Brother house when his fame began to soar in 2010. Not long after, he began to be romantically linked to Sophie Reade, another well-known Big Brother alum.

Laviscount was described as the “whole package” by Reade at the time, but it appears their relationship didn’t last long, as Laviscount was reportedly linked to Chelsee Healey in 2011, with whom he co-starred in the television series, Waterloo Road. Although their relationship was never acknowledged, The Daily Mail was able to get pictures of them sharing a kiss.

Similarly, Laviscount and his Scream Queens co-star Keke Palmer were said to be dating in 2015. They were reportedly seen on countless occasions, but if they ever were, they were never properly recognized by the public. Following an intimate dinner, photos of Laviscount and Kelly Osborne holding hands sparked dating rumors in 2019. Once more, nothing further occurred following the photos, therefore it is thought that they didn’t date for very long (if they ever officially did, that is).

Laviscount and singer Jesy Nelson were caught out on a night in London just before Laviscount became viral in his first season of Emily in Paris in late 2021. Although tabloid outlets said the couple appeared cozy together, it was eventually revealed that they had just crossed paths and interacted amicably. In other words, there’s nothing to see here.

Game of Thrones star Hannah John-Kamen was said to be Laviscount’s most recent possible fling. The two were captured holding hands. Additionally, it appears that nothing ever came of this alleged romance. Laviscount has not revealed that he is seeing John-Kamen or anybody else despite the passage of a full year.

Lucien hasn’t yet met the love of his life, or if he has, he’s done a great job of hiding it, as seen by his very inconsistent dating history. Despite his long record of relationships, Lucien is still just 30 years old, so if that is what he decides he wants, he has plenty of time to find his ideal partner. Nevertheless, we are pleased to see Lucien succeeding in Hollywood, putting himself first, and working hard to establish himself as one of the best.

There isn’t much information available on Lucien Laviscount’s relationships after John-Kamen, although as was already noted, he could just be attempting to keep them hidden. While we may not be familiar with his present flame in real life, we are familiar with some aspects of his fictional partner. What would the affair between his character and Emily entail? Visit Netflix to find out what happens between them.

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