Love Is Blind Season 6 Location: All About the Queen City

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Love Is Blind Season 6 Location: All About the Queen City – The location of Love is Blind season 6 is set in Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina. It is also known as the Queen City in honor of Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means a date with the new season of Love is Blind. Season 6 of the massively popular dating program will premiere on Netflix on Valentine’s Day, following a fresh group of optimistic singles as they enter the pods in search of their soulmates, breaking through the static of modern dating to form true relationships sight unseen.

Throughout the show, the newly engaged couples will move in together, plan their wedding, and see if their physical connection matches the deep emotional relationship they formed in the pods.

2 trailers for Season 6 have already been dropped on YouTube. Along with its hot cast members, many viewers have been fascinated by the location of the new season. As a result, they want to know where it was filmed. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Previously, we touched on Season 7’s filming location.

Filming Location: Season 6 of Love Is Blind Is Filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Talking about the location, Season 6 of Love is Blind is filmed in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The Netflix show has always changed its locations every season and the singles with embark on their journey this time in the Queen City. Previous seasons were set in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Houston.

Love is Blind season 6's location is set in Charlotte, North Carolina. blurred-reality.comLove is Blind season 6’s location is set in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Image Source: Netflix

Talking about the city, Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina. It offers a vibrant blend of Southern charm, historical history, and modern metropolitan conveniences. Charlotte, located in the heart of Mecklenburg County, is the Southeastern United States’ financial, technological, and transportation hub.

The city’s skyline is dominated by spectacular skyscrapers, such as the landmark Bank of America Corporate Center and the Duke Energy Center, which represent its role as a major financial center. However, Charlotte’s popularity extends beyond the corporate world. The city is known for its diversified culinary scene, which includes everything from Southern comfort food to foreign cuisine.

Charlotte has a vibrant cultural scene, with various museums, theaters, and galleries dotting the cityscape. The Levine Museum of the New South explores the region’s history, while the Mint Museum houses an amazing collection of art and design.

Sports fans go to Charlotte to cheer on the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium or to see a NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The surrounding Appalachian Mountains and gorgeous Lake Norman provide opportunities for hiking, boating, and other outdoor activities. We are pretty sure our Love is Blind contestants will have their best time visiting different locations.

More About Love Is Blind Season 6: Release Date & Cast

Like previous seasons, Love is Blind season 6 will also have 12 episodes and will be released weekly. Here’s the schedule of the release dates of all the episodes:

  • Week 1 (Feb. 14): Episodes 1-6
  • Week 2 (Feb. 21): Episodes 7-9
  • Week 3 (Feb. 28): Episodes 10-11
  • Week 4 (March 6): Episode 12

Love is Blind season 6 will premiere on Netflix on Feb. 14. blurred-reality.comLove is Blind season 6 will premiere on Netflix on Feb. 14.
Image Source: Netflix

Similarly, here’s the complete list of all the cast members with their professions:

  1. Alejandra – 28, Financial Consultant
  2. Amber – 31, Medical Device Sales
  3. Amber Desiree “AD” – 33, Real Estate Broker
  4. Amy – 28, E-Commerce Specialist
  5. Amy C. – 34, PR Director
  6. Ariel – 32, Mortgage Broker
  7. Ashley – 32, Nurse Practitioner
  8. Austin – 27, Software Sales
  9. Ben – 34, Cloud Solutions Architect
  10. Brittany – 25, Senior Client Partner
  11. Chelsea – 31, Flight Attendant & Event Planner
  12. Clay – 31, Enterprise Sales & Entrepreneur
  13. Danielle – 30, Corporate Comms
  14. Danette – 33, Flight Attendant
  15. Deion – 27, Software Sales
  16. Drake – 32, Video Producer
  17. Jamal – 32, Store Director
  18. Jeramey – 32, Intralogistics
  19. Jessica – 29, Executive Assistant
  20. Jimmy – 28, Software Sales
  21. Johnny – 28, Account Executive
  22. Kenneth – 26, Middle School Principal
  23. Laura – 34, Account Director
  24. Mackenzie – 25, Makeup Artist
  25. Matthew – 37, Senior Financial Advisor
  26. Nolan – 31, Management Consultant
  27. Sarah Ann – 30, Customer Support Manager
  28. Sunni – 34, Business Analyst
  29. Trevor – 31, Project Manager
  30. Vince – 35, Lawyer