Location: Where Is Love Is Blind Season 7 Being Filmed? Cast & Release Date

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Location: Where Is Love Is Blind Season 7 Being Filmed? Cast & Release Date blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – According to rumors, Love Is Blind season 7’s location has been chosen to be Washington D.C. However, it has not been confirmed by Netflix or the production house. 

If you’re a Netflix user, you’re probably extremely familiar with the streaming service’s reality TV library. They have established themselves as a prominent distributor of romance dramas, unscripted competitions, and even heartwarming docudramas such as Love on the Spectrum and Queer Eye. But nothing beats Love Is Blind.

The show is now in its sixth season, traveling across the country to bring singles from several major cities together to tackle the age-old question: Is Love Blind? Blind speed dating has resulted in couples and conflict, and while we’re still no closer to addressing the show’s central premise, it’s provided us with hours of entertainment.

While only 6 episodes of Season 6 have been released so far (6 remaining), we have found that some viewers have already been curious to know about Love Is Blind season 7 (already renewed). They want to know the filming location, cast, and release date of the show. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Filming Location of Love Is Blind Season 7!

Love Is Blind got renewed for Season 7 at the same time it was renewed for Season 6. While the sixth season was recently released and viewers are busy discussing the new faces,  some are curious to know the filming location of Season 7. They want to know where the upcoming season will be held.

Well, neither Netflix nor the production company has given any information regarding Season 7 except that it will be available. However, some rumors suggest that the location is in the capital city of the country, Washington D.C.

As per reports, Love Is Blind season 7's location is Washington D.C. blurred-reality.comAs per reports, Love Is Blind season 7’s location is Washington D.C.
Image Source: Netflix

Unlike other shows like The Bachelor, which handpicks singles from all over the United States, Love is Blind intentionally selects singles who live in the same city.
This is ideal for their experiment, especially when couples move in together and bring jobs, friends, and family back into the picture. It also gives married couples the highest chance of success because they do not have to worry about long-distance relationships.

Season 6’s contestants, however, are not entirely from Charlotte. Although they now live in Charlotte, Amber “AD” Desiree and Johnny McIntyre did not grow up there. They come from Boston and New Jersey, respectively.

Even though we strongly believe Love Is Blind Season 7 is being filmed in Washington D.C., we would like everyone to remember that our claim does not have any evidence and does not come from any verified source. We will have to wait for the streaming giant to give updates to confirm the location.

More About Love Is Blind Season 7: Cast & Release Date

It would be foolish to look for the cast members of Love Is Blind Season 7 since Netflix has not even released the filming location of the upcoming show. Of course, it has not revealed its release date as well.

However, we believe the new season might hit our screens in 2024 Autumn. We believe so because the show has released two seasons per year for the past four seasons.

Love Is Blind season 7 might arrive by the end of 2024. blurred-reality.comLove Is Blind season 7 might arrive by the end of 2024.
Image Source: Netflix

Love Is Blind is a one-of-a-kind dating show in which competitors, who are both unmarried men and women, participate in an amazing social experiment. The play unfolds as people participate in meaningful conversations and form bonds within isolated pods that lack visual signals.

The series’ distinctive twist is that these characters propose to each other before meeting in person. This novel approach investigates the concept that love might actually be blind.