Lisa Ling’s Husband Paul Song: The Couple is Married Since 2007!

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Lisa Ling's Husband Paul Song: The Couple is Married Since 2007!

Lisa Ling is married to her husband Paul Song, MD. The couple held their wedding in 2007. Lisa and Paul share two children; Jett Ling Song and Ray Ling Song. Previously, the Take Out with Lisa Ling alum was engaged to Philip Levine.

Recently, on 27th January 2022, Lisa Ling brought a new show of hers, Take Out with Lisa Ling, and so far, six episodes have been released.

This pre-eminent show is all about Lisa Ling’s explorations to the lives and cultural contributions of people behind America’s Asian restaurants. With the show gaining popularity, it has brought heed to Lisa Ling as well.

Not that Ling needed fame or anything as she is already one of the prominent personalities (believed to be worth $12 million), but this show acted as a positive catalyst, and now, myriads of people are teeming with curiosity to know more about Lisa Ling.

More than any of her deeds, the fans are desperate to know her love life and want to know if she has a husband or is single. So, are you excited to find out Lisa’s relationship status?

Who is Lisa Ling’s Husband Paul Song?

Immensely prominent, the 48-year-old American journalist, television personality, and author, Lisa Ling (@lisalingstagram) is one of the well-known faces, and we get to see her every other day on CNN, running her show, This Is Life With Lisa Ling.

Using this particular television documentary as the platform, Ling has been introducing several cultures, and groups to people. She believes that everyone should learn about the myriads of cultures that may be rare or hideous.

Coming from a mixed-race, Chinese and Taiwanese, the HBO Max alum has been schlepping both the cultures and has tried her best in showcasing to the public too.

Walking a long path filled with struggles, from her parents divorcing to living with her father, Lisa’s early years were quite daunting, however, all of those moments eventually paid her back, and today, she seems to have one of the best lives.

Presently, Lisa Ling has been revolving around prominence for her new show, Take Out With Lisa Ling. Looking at what Lisa has been doing, lucidly, we can say that she is taking every stern initiative, and dedicating herself to providing eminence to the Asian community as well.

The American journalist, Lisa is highly active in her professional field and is walking on the roads filled with only success. Not only is she successful at her career, but she also has a well-built family, filled with the amalgamation of love, and trust.

Earlier, during her exploration days in finding her ideal partner, Ling met a businessman, Philip Levine via their mutual friend.

Slowly and steadily, their meeting started evolving, and on 18th February, Lisa and her soon-to-be-husband, Philip got engaged.

Conversely, more than adding to their love life, Philip and Lisa parted their ways after a year, and Lisa divulged that their busy schedule didn’t favor them in spending quality time, and therefore, they put an end to it.

Hunting for love was what Lisa was into, and filling the void in her heart, she met the love of her life, Paul Song. While these people met randomly, they started catching feelings for each other. Thus, on 3rd January 2007, Lisa and her husband, Paul announced their engagement, and almost all the well-known faces were invited.

Just after a few months, Paul and Lisa decided to add more to their love, therefore, on 26th May 2007, they entered their conjugal life. Can you believe, Lisa and her husband’s wedding took place in 2007, and today, it’s 2022, and they are still together?

Being the epitome of what love and relationship are, Lisa and her husband, Paul are literally blessed having each other’s side. Moreover, adding members to their family, they birthed two children: Jett Ling Song and Ray Ling Song.

What’s Take Out With Lisa Ling About?

The CNN journalist, Lisa Ling has brought a compelling show, or let’s say series of episodes, of Take Out With Lisa Ling. Basically, Ling commenced this particular show to add value to all the Asian communities that are still not appreciated.

Being an Asian herself, Lisa might want to bring maximum exposure to all different Asian communities, and therefore, she might have started this show.

For now, the show released all of its six episodes on 27th January 2022, and maybe, she is yet to bring more new episodes after she travels to different Asian restaurants in the United States.

While people might have taken this show just as a way of passing their time but it holds that strong power in training awareness about a plethora of Asian communities.

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