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Lisa Ling's Children & Family: Daughters Jett Ling Song and Ray Ling Song!

Feb 3, 2022 @ 8:59 EST
Lisa Ling's Children & Family: Daughters Jett Ling Song and Ray Ling Song!

Lisa Ling shares two children with her husband Paul Song; both daughters named Jett Ling Song (first child) and Ray Ling Song. Despite fans' curiosity, Lisa Ling does not have a son. Grab details of Lisa Ling's family.

Filled with immense fame, Lisa Ling is currently rising to prominence with her new show, Take Out With Lisa Ling. Exploring myriads of Asian cultures, and restaurants in the United States, Lisa has been taking every stern initiative in providing maximum exposure to these hidden communities.

Being an Asian herself, Lisa is too dedicated and determined, and even in her CNN show, This is Lisa Ling, she has been making the best possible use of these platforms in introducing the hidden cultures and ethnic communities to the audience.

With fame and money, Lisa's career is directly inclining towards the success side, and now, people are curious to know about her personal life, covering updates on her husband, and children.

Lisa Ling's Children and Family

Immensely popular personality, the American journalist, TV personality, and author, Lisa Ling (@lisalingstagram) has been coming to the screens for a very long time.

Since her official journey to the media and journalism, Lisa has always devoted herself to the industry and runs around four shows all alone. Most of her shows are totally linked to the exposure of the Asian communities in the United States.

Currently, her new show, Take Out With Lisa Ling came out on 27th January 2022, where she explored her way in finding the different Asian cultures in the streets of the United States.

With a successful career and professional field, Ling's life is inclining to the road of success, but it did take a lot of hard work, patience, and determination to reach where she is at today.

Getting awards to being nominated for different titles, Ling is one of the independent women who has confronted each and every obstacle coming to her life.

Today, she has been working with the HBO Max, conversely, if we were to talk about her past working days, Lisa officially commenced her journey in journalism in 1999, where she worked as the host in a talk show, The View.

Likewise, she had worked as the host of National Geographic  Explorer, starting from 2003 to 2010. With having myriads of years of experience in the media, Lisa was quite confident, and thus, decided to run her own show.

To that point, in 2019, Ling came up with an extraordinary show, World's Most Dangerous Drug: Super Meth, where she talked about different drugs, and allured many spectators into watching her show.

With time and patience, the following year, Lisa brought two shows, and even today, she is busy hosting her different television shows. Talking about her net worth, the amalgamation of money from all the sources, it has been estimated that she makes around $12 million.

Not only is she active in her professional field, but Lisa is also the mother of her two children, and is parenting them well. Teeming with love, and care, Ling has proven to be one of the best mothers to both of her two adorable daughters.

The day when Lisa divulged about her first pregnancy in October 2012 on Anderson Cooper's talk, it astounded the audience, and on 8th March 2013, she officially got to see the face of her first-ever born child, a beautiful, and cute baby girl named Jett Ling Song.

Having three years of the age gap, Jett Ling was blessed with a sibling, when Lisa gave birth to another daughter, Ray Ling Song on 6th June 2016.

Today, Lisa happily lives with her husband and her two children in Santa Monica, California. Thus, apart from being an exceptional journalist, Lisa is also the epitome of the best mother of her two children, balancing her time in both her personal life and professional.

While most parents tend to get away with children because of their busy schedules, Lisa doesn't belong to that category, and for her, her children come under being her first priority.

Lisa Ling's New Show: Take Out With Lisa Ling

on 27th January 2022, with six episodes, Lisa Ling released her new show, Take Out With Lisa Ling. The sole purpose of her show is to walk around in the streets in finding Asian communities, and restaurants.

Maybe being Asian and growing up in the States, Lisa might not have got the chance to know more about the community, thus, now, her main purpose is bringing wide recognition to the varieties of cultures.

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