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Filming Locations: Where Was Lessons in Chemistry Filmed?

Oct 16, 2023 @ 4:03 EDT
Filming Locations: Where Was Lessons in Chemistry Filmed?

Talking about its filming locations, Lessons in Chemistry was filmed in and around Los Angeles, California. The filming was done mostly in Ace*Mission Studios as well as some locations in South Pasadena.

Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ takes viewers to the 1950s as we follow young scientist Elizabeth Zott as she battles discrimination and misogyny while working on a ground-breaking theory for which she receives little support from her superiors.

Elizabeth's life changes when she accepts the position of host of a cooking show, but even with that, she still has a lot to deal with. She persists in her ideas despite all the obstacles in her way and works to motivate her audience, particularly women, to take action. The show, created by Lee Eisenberg, is a biting critique of gender politics and how prejudice, not just in science, makes it difficult for a society to advance and thrive.

Set in the 1950s, the show has grabbed the attention of its viewers because of its vintage backdrops. As a result, many viewers have been wanting to know where the show was filmed. Well, we've got you covered.

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Lessons in Chemistry Was Filmed in Los Angeles, Mostly in Ace*Mission Studios: Navigate All the Filming Locations!

According to The Cinemaholic, Lessons in Chemistry was filmed in California, mostly in and around Los Angeles. The primary photography lasted for around 4 months, from August 2022 to December 2022. And after almost 9/10 months, the show arrived on Apple TV+. Now, let's navigate the filming locations in detail.

Ace*Mission Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ apparently spent a significant amount of time filming in Los Angeles and the surrounding locations. The City of Angels' downtown serves as one of the show's key filming sites, and it is located in Southern California.

The filming crew mostly makes use of Ace*Mission Studios' resources at 516 South Mission Road in Los Angeles. They alter the studio to represent the various aspects of the protagonist's life.

Lessons in Chemistry was mostly filmed in Ace*Mission Studios in Los Angeles. blurred-reality.comLessons in Chemistry was mostly filmed in Ace*Mission Studios in Los Angeles.
Image Source: Apple TV+

For instance, the Ace*Mission Studios' resources are used to bring to life the chemistry lab where she meets and falls in love with Calvin Evans, the interior of her Southern California home, and the TV set where she works after being kicked out of the lab for having a child before marriage. Even the showrunner Lee Eisenberg was pleasantly surprised when she first entered the sets due to how intricate and realistic they are.

There are eight sound stages, three mill/flex areas, and more than 100 production offices at Ace*Mission Studios, which spans 18 acres. The movie studio complex also has a lot of parking spaces and cargo docks. With all these features, the studio becomes one of the most sought-after locations for many filmmakers and a perfect shooting location for various movies.

Furthermore, Lessons in Chemistry does a great job of taking viewers back to the 1950s through the food. Creator Lee Eisenberg and director Sarah Adina Smith discussed a variety of aspects of filming the historical drama series, including the 1950s food they used to recreate "Supper at Six" in a Zoom interview with The Daily Beast's Obsessed in October 2023.

South Pasadena, CA

The exteriors of the homes were really taken from a South Pasadena neighborhood to represent the Sugar Hill area in the California setting. Calvin's home's interior was styled to look as though it had been updated in the 1940s, despite the fact that he made no changes to it after purchasing it.

The exteriors of homes in Lessons in Chemistry were filmed in the South Pasadena neighborhood. blurred-reality.comThe exteriors of homes in Lessons in Chemistry were filmed in the South Pasadena neighborhood.
Image Source: TruLine

Since the kitchen is empty, the materials carry the bulk of the design. It has a white mosaic tile counter, colored knobs on white cabinets, a backsplash made of squares of teal and black tile, and teal and black checkered flooring.

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