Does Calvin Die in Lessons in Chemistry?

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Does Calvin Die in Lessons in Chemistry?

Yes, Calvin dies in episode 2 of Lessons in Chemistry. He gets hit by a vehicle after he and Six Thirty, Elizabeth’s dog, get involved in a brief tug-of-war.

Lessons in Chemistry, a historical drama created by Lee Eisenberg for Apple TV+, is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus. The story, which takes place in the 1950s, follows Elizabeth Zott as her aspirations to become a scientist are crushed by a culture that views women as only having a place in the home and far removed from the workplace.

Two episodes of the mini-series have been released so far. Episode 2 ends on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger which leaves the fate of Elizabeth’s love interest Calvin up in the air. Does this mean that he dies? Well, let’s find it out.

Lessons in Chemistry: Does Calvin Die in Episode 2? Spoilers Ahead!

Yes, Calvin does die in Lessons in Chemistry. Calvin almost gets hit by a vehicle in the first episode while out for a morning run. This little scene, which could have seemed negligible to viewers, was actually a reference to his end.

Calvin dies in Lessons in Chemistry following a brief tug-of-war with Six Thirty. blurred-reality.comCalvin dies in Lessons in Chemistry following a brief tug-of-war with Six Thirty.
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In episode 2, Calvin and Six Thirty, Elizabeth‘s dog, run side by side, looking content, but when they have to cross the road due to a curve, the dog starts to growl. In an effort to get free and go off the road, he pulls on the leash. Calvin attempts to push him forward despite being on the road himself, but he doesn’t realize it.

The leash breaks off the dog’s neck after a brief tug of war in which the dog and the man try to force the other to submit, and Calvin steps backward onto the road. At that very moment, a bus runs him over.

We can hear voices in the background as people attempt to help Calvin, but there is little hope for him as the forlorn dog watches on. It is unlikely that Calvin will survive that really hard hit. Looking back at the first episode, it appears that the sequence where he is introduced foreshadows his death. He nearly runs into the vehicle as he runs to Hastings, just avoiding being struck by it.

Only the sounds of people in the neighborhood responding to the catastrophe are heard as the credits roll in Lessons in Chemistry episode 2. One onlooker observes that he isn’t moving. Although Calvin isn’t officially proclaimed dead in the episode, it’s unlikely that he’ll survive the rest of the series because he also dies in the novel the show is based on.

The Calvin Actor, Lewis Pullman, Will Return in Upcoming Episodes of Lessons in Chemistry!

According to director Sarah Adina Smith in an interview with Vanity Fair, Lewis Pullman ( the Calvin actor) ended up starring in more episodes than originally anticipated due to the chemistry he had with Brie Larson. She said,

We realized we had something magic there between them. Lewis was only supposed to be in I think two or three episodes, but because he was so magnetic and watchable, we felt like this was the heart of the show. Lee [Eisenberg], being the really smart showrunner and flexible writer that he is, saw what the universe was giving him and pivoted to make sure that we could keep him longer.

Despite his death, we can anticipate seeing Calvin in upcoming episodes. blurred-reality.comDespite his death, we can anticipate seeing Calvin in upcoming episodes.

Viewers can anticipate a Pullman episode that is told from Calvin’s point of view because the book and the romance between Calvin and Elizabeth were so well received. The episode, according to editor Matthew Barbato, presents Calvin’s version of how he and Elizabeth met and provides viewers with a glimpse into his past.