Leave the World Behind: What Was the Noise? Spoilers!

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Leave the World Behind: What Was the Noise? Spoilers! blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – After realizing that the United States was being attacked in various forms, the Sandfords and Scotts experienced a loud noise in Leave the World Behind. Meanwhile, many viewers wonder what the noise was. Even though the movie doesn’t explain anything, here’s our take on what it might be. Spoilers ahead. 

Leave the World Behind is this week’s big movie on Netflix. Based on Rumaan Alam‘s book of the same name, the film is centered on the Sandford family. Just when the Sandfords are all set to enjoy a pleasant holiday, two strangers arrive in the middle of the night, stating that a terrible cyberattack is approaching and will destroy civilization.

The movie starts with no wifi. Then the internet goes down, which means no social media, no email, and no communication with the outside world. Then satellites are destroyed, effectively destroying all navigation systems in the United States that rely on orbiting technology. Because animal migration patterns have been interrupted, you may notice more deer in your front yard than usual. Also, keep an eye out for flamingos in your pool.

Propaganda pamphlets begin to fall from the sky. Finally, a loud, piercing noise that is so sonically powerful that it is debilitating. Following that, chaos reigns. On the other hand, we have found that many people have been confused about the loud noise. They wonder what the noise was. Well, we’ve got you covered. Spoilers ahead!

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What Was the Noise in Leave the World Behind?

One of the attacks appears to involve the shrill noise that unsettles the Sandfords and Scotts daily. The piercing noise makes the individuals believe they are under attack, making them weak and unstable. The constant grumbling noise is a crucial aspect of Leave The World Behind, so much so that one of the acts is named after it.

In addition to limiting physical activity or movement, noise psychologically harms those who are subjected to it and reduces them to mere victims. It’s part of the plan to confuse and disturb people in the United States.

The loud noise was probably one of the ways to attack the USA in Leave the World Behind. blurred-reality.comThe loud noise was probably one of the ways to attack the USA in Leave the World Behind.
Image Source: Netflix

This is never explained in the Netflix movie, and it doesn’t need to be. Danny believes it is a microwave weapon and that it has already been used in Cuba before, but he has been proven to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist, so his ideas are a little dubious.

If you’re wondering what could generate such a noise in real life, consider a sky quake, which occurs when huge booming noises originate from the sky. Scientists have no idea what produces these, although they have been documented for hundreds of years!

Scientists speculate that it could be due to colliding air masses, meteoric echoes, or even shifting cosmic energy. However, the sky quake remains a mystery, an ethereal abnormality that fascinates and perplexes. Its ephemeral nature leaves no mark, capturing hearts with awe and inviting imaginations to soar beyond the bounds of Earth, looking for the unseen in the enchanting dance of the skies.

Who Was Attacking the US in Leave the World Behind?

Multiple countries are targeting the United States in Leave the World Behind. Clay (Ethan Hawke) discovers Arabic pamphlets, but doomsday survivalist Danny (Kevin Bacon) claims to have found similar posters in either Korea or China.

The movie never explains why or who is attacking the United States. blurred-reality.comThe movie never explains why or who is attacking the United States.
Image Source: Netflix

Danny offers our best guess as to what is going on: various enemies of the United States have decided to band together to attack the country. This is never explicitly stated, but according to George, the goal is to force America to destroy itself.

However, there is reason to assume he is mistaken. When George is putting out the three-step plan outlined in the previous question, he mentions misinformation. We get a flashback to Clay examining the flier while he does so. This shows that the contradictory information about who is attacking is a deliberate deception to confuse people.