Kim Lee Looks Like Kylie Jenner: How True Is That? Bling Empire Update!

Smith Wilson

Kim Lee Looks Like Kylie Jenner: How True Is That? Bling Empire Update!

Many viewers of Netflix’s Bling Empire believe Kim Lee looks like Kylie Jenner. People believe she resembles Kylie more even if she has been nicknamed ‘The Asian Kim Kardashian’. According to the speculators, the two look the same look as if they were twins. However, Kim believes she was the same even before Kylie came to the limelight.

A Netflix reality show called Bling Empire follows some of the wealthiest East Asians and South East Asians in and around Los Angeles, California. The show informs viewers about the wealthy and flashy cast members’ daily routines and challenges. Given how well they all know one another, it’s not surprising that drama will find them in some way, especially when it comes to emotional difficulties.

Similarly, Bling Empire fans are excited as the show has now returned for a third season. The new season picks up where the second season left off and premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, October 5 at 3 a.m. ET. Similarly, the show has captured everyone’s interest, with the luxurious lifestyles of the show’s stars which amazed audiences.

Similarly, Kim Lee from Bling Empire became an immediate fan favorite as soon as she appeared on the show in 2021. The 32-year-old model and DJ have captured everyone’s attention with her stunning looks and lavish lifestyle. Meanwhile, she’s been compared to Kylie Jenner claiming she just looks like her and has been nicknamed Asian Kylie Jenner.

Many People Have Claimed That Kim Lee Looks Like Kylie Jenner When Compared to Their Pictures Side by Side: Bling Empire Update!

Kim Lee (@kimlee) is a well-known international DJ and Bling Empire celebrity who has earned the label ‘The Asian Kim Kardashian‘ because of her mass popularity and influence. Fans, however, have noticed that Lee really looks like Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner), a Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast member.

Many people have compared Kim Lee to Kylie Jenner, stating she looks like the reality star and beauty entrepreneur from The Kardashians. However, as Kim stated in a 2018 interview with NextShark, she had the influencer aesthetic long before Kylie. She explained,

[People] would call me a ‘wannabe Kylie.’ I think she’s gorgeous, but people that know me would say I’ve been looking like this before Kylie became ‘Kylie.

Meanwhile, Kim Lee is also interested in fashion and beauty just like Kylie. In fact, Kim Lee recently chose to enter the scent game by launching a handful of perfumes, which she formally introduced on her Instagram. Similarly, Kylie Jenner is taking over the beauty world with her own perfumes, lip oils, palettes, and a variety of other cosmetics.

On New Year’s Eve 2019, Kylie Jenner’s hair was long, dark, and wavy, and her brows were medium-thick. Similarly, her beautiful brown eyes were framed by defined lashes and a little wave of hair frames Jenner’s hairline, and wing eyeliner sits at the edge of her eyelids to draw attention to her oval eye shape and the socialite’s lips were closed, and covered in a plumping and enhancing nude color.

Similarly, Lee posed in a more relaxed black-and-white photo that shows the Bling Empire star from the waist up. The DJ also had dark wavy hair that reaches the middle of her back and her brows were styled in a way that matches her hair, and she and Jenner have similar brow thicknesses.

Likewise, Kim Lee who was famed for her fortune as well as her looks and talent, has a forehead framed by a sweep of hair, as Jenner’s frequently does and her lashes are more noticeable than Jenner’s; nonetheless, another point of similarity between Lee and Jenner is her nude, slightly plump lip.

Jenner sat in a fur-covered chair in the photo below, which is a themed picture for her 2020 winter collection. The businesswoman flaunts her legs in a glittery green skirt with a high slit, while a cropped jacket highlights her slim waist. The jacket’s pointy shoulder contrasts with Jenner’s curvy chest. As well as fans can also see her wide cheekbones, lush lips, and eyes, as well as the long, narrow bridge of her nose and oval-shaped ears.

Kim Lee, whose relationship history is a little of a mystery (much like Kylie’s) goes full glamour in a picture while wearing a striking purple gown, where she looked like Jenner because of her oval-shaped ears, and her light skin has a hint of bronze, just like Jenner’s. Similarly, the Bling Empire star showed fewer legs but puts her manicured palm on her thigh, as Jenner does in some photos. Likewise, her low-cut dress, which has a transparent fabric inside, also revealed her chest.

Looking at those pictures, it turns out that the two women share more than just physical characteristics. Both women are successful businesswomen in their own industries. Fans can’t help but notice the similarities between the Bling Empire and Keeping Up With the Kardashians models. These two ladies are both show-stoppers.

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