From Kat to Director: Julia Stiles Reveals Surprise Baby No. 3

Bikram Karki

Julia Stiles quietly welcomed her third child with husband Preston Cook, revealing the surprise alongside her directorial debut, reflecting on motherhood and filmmaking parallels.

Julia Stiles, the renowned actress known for her roles in films like “10 Things I Hate About You,” surprised fans by revealing that she and her husband, Preston Cook, welcomed their third child five months ago in secret. In an interview with The New York Times, Stiles, now 43, shared the news while reflecting on her recent directorial debut and her iconic role as Kat Stratford in the beloved movie.

The couple chose to keep details about their new baby private, not disclosing the child’s sex. However, Stiles did mention that she and Cook are already parents to two sons, Strummer, 6, and Arlo, 2. Stiles expressed a mix of emotions, attributing her recent experiences as a new mother again alongside her venture into directing.

Julia Stiles welcomed baby no. 3 with husband Preston Cook last year.
Julia Stiles welcomed baby no. 3 with husband Preston Cook last year. (Image Source: Pinterest)

She spoke candidly about the parallels she sees between motherhood and directing, citing skills such as time management, sensitivity to others’ needs, and the ability to think ahead while staying present. Stiles seems to have seamlessly transitioned from acting to directing, finding common ground in the demanding yet fulfilling roles of mother and filmmaker.

The relationship between Julia Stiles and Preston Cook began back in 2014 when they met on the set of “Blackway.” Cook’s proposal in December 2015 caught Stiles by surprise, especially during a holiday vacation with his family in Colombia. Their wedding followed in September 2017, marking a significant milestone in their romantic journey.

Despite the challenges that can arise from working together as a couple, Stiles and Cook have continued to collaborate professionally. Cook was part of the crew for Stiles’ show “Riviera,” which aired from 2017 to 2020.

Julia Stiles fondly recalled the experience, admitting that she panicked at the thought of being separated from her husband for an extended period. However, the opportunity for them to work together turned out to be a romantic and enriching experience for the couple.

In this surprising revelation of their growing family, Julia Stiles and Preston Cook have once again captured the hearts of fans with their intimate and private approach to their personal lives.

With their history of low-key romance and shared professional endeavors, it’s evident that their bond continues to flourish both on-screen and off. The arrival of their third child adds yet another joyous chapter to their love story, one that fans are eagerly celebrating alongside them.