Meet Joni Lamb’s New Boyfriend, Dr. Doug Weiss: The Couple Is Already Engaged and All Set to Get Married!

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Meet Joni Lamb’s New Boyfriend, Dr. Doug Weiss: The Couple Is Already Engaged and All Set to Get Married!

Joni Lamb is in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Dr. Doug Weiss. Joni recently confirmed their relationship through her Instagram (@jonilamb). She also revealed that they have already been engaged. Previously, she was married to Marcus Lamb, who died just weeks after testing positive for Covid at 64.

Joni Lamb is a Christian broadcaster who has been in the television industry for a long time and has gained extensive experience through her various works. She is also famous for being the co-founder, vice president, and executive producer of the Daystar Television Network. She is also well known for her collaborations with her late husband, Marcus Lamb.

Aside from her media career, the American television evangelist is frequently in the spotlight due to her personal life. She recently urged her fans to watch an episode of Table Talk because Lamb was going to make a special announcement. Joni posted an Instagram photo with her new boyfriend. Aside from that, Joni’s relationship with her late husband continues to circulate on the internet. Follow this article to learn everything about Joni Lamb’s new boyfriend and her late husband.

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Joni Lamb Is Dating Her New Boyfriend, Doug Weiss: The Couple Is Engaged but Has Not Revealed Any Details About Their Marriage!

As of this writing, Joni Lamb (@jonilamb) is dating her new boyfriend Dr. Doug Weiss. In January, they were first seen together in public, sparking rumors of a new relationship. The couple has been seen attending events and traveling together, and Joni has shared photos of their adventures on social media. Joni also teased the exciting news in an Instagram post that has since gone viral. She shared a photo wearing a beautiful ring on her engagement finger while posing with Doug. Yes, the couple is engaged already.

Joni Lamb and her new boyfriend, Dr. Doug Weiss.

Joni Lamb and her new boyfriend, Dr. Doug Weiss.
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The television personality appears to be taking her relationship with her new boyfriend Dr. Doug Weiss to the next level. She also called him the most incredible man on the planet. The post has gone viral, with many of her fans and followers expressing their joy and best wishes to the couple. She has also made it a point to keep their fans up to date on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Lamb and Weiss have not yet revealed any details about their marriage or future plans. However, fans are eagerly awaiting and looking forward to seeing the couple marry.

The 62-year-old Christian broadcaster’s new boyfriend Doug Weiss has over 30 years of counseling experience and is a licensed psychologist, published author, television presenter, and international speaker. He is the founder and executive director of the Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He specializes in marriage issues and has clients from all over the world. He has also appeared on several television shows, including Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Good Morning America. He has also had two documentaries made about his work.

In addition to counseling, the psychologist has written over 20 books including Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity and Intimacy Anorexia: Healing the Hidden Addiction in Your Marriage, and DVDs addressing marriage and youth issues. Doug is on Instagram and Twitter, and he actively promotes the work he is involved in on both platforms. His Instagram (@drdougweiss) bio reads, “Empowering you to overcome life’s challenges,” and his page is filled with motivational posts and messages.

Looking at Joni Lam’s past relationship, she was married to the late Marcus Lamb. He died just weeks after testing positive for Covid at the age of 64, leaving behind his wife and three grieving children named Jonathan, Rachel, and Rebecca. The couple met at Joni’s church in 1980 and married two years later before traveling as evangelists, preaching the gospel in churches throughout the Southeast. Prior to Marcus’s death, they frequently appeared on network television holding hands, but their marriage hit some snags.

Joni Lamb and her late husband, Marcus Lamb.

Joni Lamb and her late husband, Marcus Lamb.
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Marcus Lamb publicly admitted to having an extramarital affair with a former teammate in 2010. In the episode, Lamb tearfully apologized to his congregation and viewers for making a mistake. His wife, Joni Lamb, was also present during the episode and publicly apologized to him. The couple announced their divorce in 2012. The reason for their split was not specified in the announcement, but it was widely assumed to be related to Marcus’ infidelity. However, they never had an official divorce.