Jonathan Van Ness’s Drug Addiction: The Entire Story at a Glance!

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Jonathan Van Ness's Drug Addiction: The Entire Story at a Glance!

Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye and Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness had a serious drug and sex addiction leading him to confront a lot of obstacles in his early twenties. Even today, people are curious to know if Jonathan’s drug addiction is still present or did he expunge drugs from his life.

Releasing ten different episodes, featuring ten new heroes in every episode, the American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6 was lucidly one of the binge-watching shows.

All the episodes were released on the very same day, 31st December 2021, and the show is taken as a strong representation of the LGBTQI community as all the five cast members: Jonathan, Karamo, Tan, Bobby, and Antoni from the show are part of the community.

These five casts are claimed as fab fives in Queer Eye Season 6 on Netflix, and not only are they together in the show but also in the reality, they all share a good friendship with each other.

While all these cast members have different professional fields and have a personal life apart from Queer, Jonathan Van Ness’s early twenties, and teenage years were teeming with only daunting moments that consequently led him to commence his drug addiction.

Is Jonathan Van Ness Still Addicted to Drugs?

Professionally, a hairdresser and the owner of jvnhair, Jonathan Van Ness is one of the successful personalities and makes a hefty net worth. Moreover, apart from this particular professional field, Jonathan is immensely known for casting on the American reality show, Queer Eye Season 6, as well as Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness on Netflix.

Long hair and a full-grown beard are his overall appearance, and he identifies himself as gay. Earlier in the days, Van Ness used she/her, and they/them to identify himself but now, he prefers with him/himself.

While a pronoun may seem to look like a simple thing, it holds a lot of power in hurting someone’s emotion. To that point, everyone should be habitual in asking for pronouns before assuming.

Today, Van Ness seems to have that perfect life teeming with fame and money, and myriads of people envy him for his luxurious life, but do you know how long Jonathan Van Ness has walked to come this far?

Raised by his single mother, after his parent’s divorce, Van commenced living with his single mother from the age of five. Later, his mother married another man, and Jonathan was happy with whatever life was bringing up for him.

Conversely, his stepdad passed away, and this grief acted as a negative catalyst and brought a huge turning point in his life.

In his schooling years, Jonathan was extraordinary, and beating all the gender stereotypes, he was the cheer-leader, leading in the school. However, with his cheerleading skills, people started spreading rumors of Jonathan being friends with a closeted guy, and therefore, that down-trained his self-esteem.

Also, people made fun of his body, and Jonathan told, “I was too fat, too femme, too loud and too unlovable.”

With daunting days in his school, Jonathan Van Ness started spending most of his time in AOL chat rooms and met up with older men for sex. Moreover, he started binge eating, and thus, gained 70 pounds in no time.

To get away from his school, Jonathan took extra credit and went to the university. During his first semester, squandering his mother’s monthly allowance of $200 and spending all the money on cocaine, Jonathan was on the verge of developing serious addiction.

From cocaine to marijuana, Jonathan couldn’t confine himself, and rather than putting an end to his drug addiction, the addiction grew more and more.

The extreme drug intake did no good, and Jonathan Van Ness came back home and joined a beauty salon training. Although he was getting better with his professional life, his drug and sex addiction didn’t come to an end, thus, while he was aged 25, Jonathan Van Ness was diagnosed with HIV AIDS.

Although Aids is a hella serious disease, Jonathan Van Ness is thriving his best to live a normal life but talking about his addiction, he told that he expunged drugs and all from his life, however, it appears that he does smoke.

What is Jonathan Van Ness Doing After the End of Queer Eye Season 6?

It may seem like Jonathan has completely disappeared after the end of Queer Eye Season 6, however, stalking his Instagram account, it can be found that he is busy with his modeling schedules and running his hair salon.

With a huge number of followers, and being vested with a plethora of opportunities, Jonathan Van Ness is moving his career to the path of success and is blessed with all the best things from life.

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