Is Jonas Strand Gravli Gay? Who Is His Partner?

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Is Jonas Strand Gravli Gay? Who Is His Partner?

No, Jonas Strand Gravli is not gay. The Laurits actor is and has always been straight. In fact, he is married to his wife (partner), Trude Bratile. The couple also has a daughter together.

Ragnarok on Netflix modernizes the Norse Mythology figures Thor, Loki, and the Giants. The show opens with Magne learning that he possesses Thor’s abilities. It is set in the little Norwegian village of Edda.

Being the Norse god’s incarnation involves fulfilling the prophecy that refers to Ragnarok, the conflict between the Gods and Giants. Magne also learns that other mythological figures have also taken human form in order to carry out the prophecy.

The show also centers on Magne’s brother, Laurits, who turns out to be Loki’s incarnation. Laurits is naughty and unpredictable. He is a very hazardous character since you never know what he will do or whose side he will support. While Laurits is also gender-fluid, many viewers believe he is gay.

On the other hand, many people have been curious to know if the Laurits actor, Jonas Strand Gravli, is gay like his character in the Netflix show. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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No, Jonas Strand Gravli Is Not Gay!

While his character in Netflix’s Ragnarok is gender-fluid, we confirm that Jonas Strand Gravli (@strandgravli) is not gay in real life. The Laurits actor has a wife named Trude Bratile (@trudebratlie). The couple also has a daughter together.

Jonas Strand Gravli is not gay. blurred-reality.comJonas Strand Gravli is not gay.
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While we’ve no idea when the couple started dating, their dating life reached a milestone after they got engaged on December 24, 2020. The couple, then, welcomed their daughter on November 3, 2021. Taking to Instagram, he wrote,

Welcome to the world, Ella❤️ I didn’t think it was possible to love someone as much as I love you and your mom! Girlpower🔥🥰

You might be surprised but it has been just over a month since they got married. Jonas Strand Gravli and his partner decided to tie the knot on July 7, 2023, almost 2 and a half years after they got married. After the marriage, the 31-year-old actor left a heartfelt message on Instagram writing,

We just got married❤️ Finally I’m married to the most beautiful girl I know! She’s not only my girlfriend anymore, she’s officially my wife! It’s impossible to describe how happy I am🥹🥰…thank you to Trude for saying yes and for letting me be her husband for eternity!

Jonas Strand Gravli and his partner, Trude Bratile. blurred-reality.comJonas Strand Gravli and his partner, Trude Bratile.
Image Source: Instagram

Thus, Jonas Strand Gravli is not gay and has been forever straight. We also should remember that he is an actor and he acts accordingly. We wish him and his partner nothing but a happy life in the coming days.

Ragnarok: Is Laurits (Played by Jonas Strand Gravli) Gay, Bi, or Trans?

At the beginning of Ragnarok, Laurits (played by Jonas Strand Gravli) makes it quite clear that he doesn’t follow traditional gender roles. He dislikes labels and objects to being called one thing or another. Although he is gender-fluid, he tends to identify more as a man. He is at ease in jeans and a T-shirt, yet he can also wear a dress with ease.

He wears his mother’s attire in one scenario. Additionally, he enjoys wearing makeup and frequently gets his nails painted. His pronouns are still he/he in the show, but it seems like he wouldn’t care what pronouns people use to refer to him. To Little O, he refers to himself as “Mommy.”

Laurits asks Erik if Loki is trans at one point because he wants to learn more about the definition of transsexuality. When he practically gives birth to a tapeworm, his curiosity really comes into play. Although it is not a typical pregnancy, the tapeworm leaves his body, expands to an unusual size inside his abdomen, and is then born just like a baby would be during a typical pregnancy.

He views the tapeworm as his child while the rest see this as an abnormality. In Norse mythology, the Midgard Serpent Loki gives birth to is referred to as the tapeworm, Little O. His sexual orientation is unknown, but he mostly finds himself drawn to guys. Thus, it is not confirmed if he is gay, bisexual, or trans.