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Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin and his spouse, Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, quit their careers to create a home improvement company. HGTV noticed their work flipping houses in Houston, which was fortunate. They star in their own reality show Going for Sold.

Mary, a retired flight attendant, now works full-time as a designer for their house investment firm, Harper Raine Homes LLC, which is named after their oldest child, Harper. Jon and Mary handle all elements of home purchase for potential suitors, from purchasing to design and counseling.

Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, stars of Going for Sold, adopt a two-step technique in their upcoming HGTV show Two Steps Home, as they guide customers through the difficult process of selling their residence and finding a new one that exactly meets their needs.

The eight-episode series, which premieres on 16th June, follows Jon Pierre, a property manager, and Mary, a designer, as they assist their Houston-area customers to sell, buy, and renovate to construct their ideal house.

Step one: Mary’s innovative and cost-effective design concepts will ensure that the client’s home sells quickly and for top price.

In the second step, Jon Pierre will use his in-depth knowledge of the Houston market to locate a new house that fulfills the majority of the client’s requirements but requires a few minor repairs to make it great.

Jon Pierre and Mary want to use the extra profit from the sale of their present property to purchase and renovate the family’s new home.

Wikipedia / Bio

Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin does not have a Wikipedia page yet.

Two Steps Home

Home remodeling and real estate specialists Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, well known for their prior HGTV series Going for Sold, assist customers through the difficult process of selling their present home and purchasing a newer one in a new eight-episode limited series Two Steps Home.


Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin’s nationality is not revealed in the public domain.


Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin is quite active on Instagram. Check out his profile here!

Net Worth

His net worth is currently under review.

Married / Wife

Jon Pierre is married to his wife, Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin. The couple quit their day jobs to create a home improvement firm.


The reality star is yet to reveal his age.


Jon Pierre Tjon-Joe-Pin and his wife Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin are parents to two young kids.

Going for Sold

In the HGTV reality show Going for Sold, Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, a real estate and design pair, restore homes for households settling in Houston, Texas. Together, they transform homes into affordable residences with high-end, creative designs that future purchasers will adore.

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