Is Jayda Wayda Pregnant Again? Netizens Discuss Her Recent Weight Gain!

Bikram Karki

Jayda Wayda Has Yet to Confirm if She Is Pregnant Again!

Jayda Wayda has been suspected of being pregnant again by many of her followers as they believe her weight gain is visible in her recent Instagram posts. However, the mother of Lil Baby’s second child has yet to respond to the rumors.

Jayda Wayda also known as Jayda Cheaves is an American entrepreneur and social media star who has over 8 million followers on Instagram and is the CEO of her own clothing brand, WAYDAMIN. However, she is mostly renowned for being the mother of rapper Lil Baby‘s second child. The couple gave birth to their son in 2019 and has been in an on-off relationship for a long time now.

Recently, we’ve found that people have been searching if Jayda Wayda is pregnant again based on her recent social media posts. Well, let’s find out if the internet star is expecting another little one in her life.

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Netizens Believe Jayda Wayda Is Pregnant Again Because of Her Slight Weight Gain in Recent Instagram Posts!

Jayda Wayda‘s recent posts on Instagram (@jaydacheaves) have led some of her followers to wonder if she is pregnant again. However, the mother of Lil Baby‘s second son has yet to respond to the rumors. On May 31, she shared her bedtime self-care routine, and a lot of people thought she had a baby bump. One user commented,

Yeah you pregnant, why you go to the OBGYN twice 😂 Issa baby?

Another wrote,

announcing she pregnant without announcing it I love her so bad lol😭

Jayda Wayda has not responded to the rumor that she is pregnant again. blurred-reality.comJayda Wayda has not responded to the rumor that she is pregnant again.
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, she also posted a behind-the-scenes video of her photoshoot and one user linked her pregnancy rumors to her belly button piercing writing, “Lol I wasn’t with the whole ‘she pregnant cause she gained weight’ train but why she take out her belly button piercing?” Likewise, another wrote, “I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks sis is pregnant. I been said she was pregnant weeks ago. It’s her mannerisms. I didn’t even notice any physical changes..I have 3 kids I would know.”

People do have points on why they believe Jayda Wayda might be pregnant again. However, there are a lot of other reasons why she took out her belly button piercing or why her belly looks different. What if it’s just a little weight gain? Opposing the pregnancy rumors, one follower even wrote,

People swear people be pregnant 😂😂😂 damn…people can’t gain a little weight in peace’s

Therefore, it would be better if we wait for Jayda Wayda’s official announcement to know if she is really pregnant gain. Till then, it would not be wise to argue with the other followers in the comment section, even if she is expecting her second child. In case she is pregnant, who do you think is the father? Is it Lil Baby again?

Lil Baby, the Father of Jayda Wayda’s Son, Has Been Accused of Cheating Multiple Times!

Rapper Lil Baby may have been unfaithful more than once during his or her relationship with Jayda Wayda. First, Vlad TV reported that he appeared to have admitted to cheating on the model in 2018, just before they revealed they were expecting a child.

Lil Baby and Jayda Wayda have been in an on-off relationship for years. blurred-reality.comLil Baby and Jayda Wayda have been in an on-off relationship for years.
Image Source: The Source Magazine

Then, according to The Sun, in December 2020, Lil Baby was accused of cheating on Wayda with a p*rn star named Ms. London who claimed the rapper paid her $6,000 to have a sexual encounter with him. Although it’s unknown if they’ve reunited again, Lil Baby has previously stated that he and Jayda would always have a special connection saying,

It ain’t no like, ‘still together.’ She my son mama, so it ain’t no way we cannot be together..Even if we not in a relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend type s**t, we got a relationship because we got a kid. We got a small kid so… we gotta kick it no matter what.