Jarrett Ambeau From Baton Rouge: Attorney’s Wife & Net Worth Explored!

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Jarrett Ambeau From Baton Rouge: Attorney's Wife & Net Worth Explored!

After being featured in the new Netflix documentary series I Just Killed My Dad, attorney Jarrett Ambeau has gained popularity for defending the case of Anthony Templet who was charged with killing his father Burt Templet. While his net worth is unclear in 2022, he now owns his own law firm named Ambeau law firm and has good reviews online. Jarrett Ambeau, who shares six children with his wife Mindy Ambeau, is claimed to be one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Baton Rouge.

Anthony Templet‘s tale is revealed to the viewers in the Netflix original documentary I Just Killed My Dad. He shot his father Burt Templet in June 2019 when he was just 17 years old. Anthony at the time maintained that he acted in self-defense.

Criminal defense lawyer Jarrett Ambeau from Louisiana took on Anthony’s case because he fervently thought that the boy was forced to shoot his father in order to defend himself. Jarrett assisted Anthony in negotiating a plea deal.

Jarrett is a native of Louisiana who lived in Tennessee and Georgia for a long period before returning home. He came across Anthony’s case while he was working as a lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

On June 3, 2019, early in the morning, Anthony contacted 911 to report that he had shot his father, who passed away from the wounds three days later. When things were first being looked into, Anthony argued that it was in self-defense.

With his success in the case of Anthony, he has gained popularity, and people wonder who Jarrett Ambeau is. Where is he now? Read this article to find out.

Jarrett Ambeau, the Lawyer Who Gave Anthony Templet a New Chance in Life Now Owns His Own Law Firm Named Ambeau Law Firm; After Being Featured in Netflix’s I Just Killed My Dad, the Lawyer Has Good Reviews Online!

Jarrett Ambeau defended Anthony Templet in the murder case made famous by the new Netflix docuseries I Just Killed My Dad. Ambeau continues to practice law in the parish and is currently a Baton Rouge lawyer with a specialty in criminal defense. He currently holds a master’s degree in forensic DNA and serology.

According to his biography, Jarrett Ambeau owns his own law firm named Ambeau law firm and since the Templet case started, he has obtained a master’s degree in forensic DNA and serology. He is married to former emergency room nurse Mindy Ambeau. He has six children ranging in age from 6 to 30.

Jarrett Ambeau stated in his biography that he began his undergraduate studies at Louisiana State University and completed them while serving in Kuwait and Iraq in 2004. He said that he enlisted in the American Army shortly after September 11, 2001, and was subsequently assigned to the JAG Corps’ 22nd LSO Trial Defense Service, which handles criminal defense. In May 2021, Ambeau received approval to practice law before the Southern District of Texas Federal District Court.

Jarrett Ambeau, who appeared in the Netflix series I Just Killed My Dad, said he didn’t charge Templet for his labor since he connected with the adolescent. Ambeau referred to his parents as hippies and spoke of an unstable upbringing where he frequently saw drug usage and drug dealing. He stated how his traumatic upbringing had influenced him in both positive and negative ways, but one characteristic he attributed to it was his ability to complete tasks.

People who watched the series I Just Killed My Dad,  are appreciating Jarrett Ambeau for his outstanding work where he gave his client a new chance at life and he did not charge any fees to Anthony for defending his case. Also, his client got their sentence reduced and now Anthony Templet won’t have to do jail time for killing his father Burt Templet.

While his net worth in 2022 is unclear, some people even claim that he is the best criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge. Jarrett Ambeau has good reviews online and when he was asked why he took on the Templet case he simply stated:

When I saw this injustice, I said, ‘Absolutely, no way should this kid be in jail.’

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