Is Michael Cimino Actually Gay in Real Life? His Sexuality Explored!

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Michael Cimino Isn’t Actually Gay in Real Life: He Is Straight by Sexuality!

No, Michael Cimino is not gay in real life. Despite playing a gay role in Love, Victor, he is actually straight by sexuality. However, he does support the LGBTQ+ community.

Now that Never Have I Ever season 4 is finally available on Netflix, everyone is tuning in to see how the teen drama wraps out. There are several new people introduced this season, but one of them, in particular, leaves a lasting impression on Devi. That character is Ethan Morales, played by Michael Cimino.

Ethan is a senior at Sherman Oaks High. He has reportedly attended high school, but over the summer, he underwent a tremendous physical metamorphosis that has made him the newest heartthrob at Sherman Oaks High. While Ethan initially draws the eye of a newly single Eleanor, Devi eventually becomes attracted to him after he comes on to her.

Apart from the storyline, the Ethan actor, Michael Cimino, is known for playing the lead role of Victor Salazar in Love, Victor. Since the character is gay, viewers have always wanted to know if Michael is actually gay in real life. Well, here is everything you need to know about his sexuality.

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No, Michael Cimino Is Not Gay in Real Life: He Is Actually Straight!

No, Michael Cimino (@itsmichaelcimino) is not gay in real life. The Ethan actor is actually straight since he has never revealed that he is gay. Just because he played a gay role in a series does not mean that the character is based on his real-life sexuality or personality. After all, he is an actor.

Michael Cimino is not gay in real life. blurred-reality.comMichael Cimino is not gay in real life.
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Michael, however, has frequently expressed how excited he was to play a gay man in Love, Victor, and how much effort he put into making his performance credible. He also acknowledged that his gay cousin helped prepare him for the role in an interview with People.

However, there was more internal guidance involved in playing Victor, as the actor noted that he wanted everyone to identify with the character, regardless of sexual orientation. Michael, therefore, laced the part with some of his personality in addition to his cousin’s suggestions. Michael also added that he decided to play Victor because he wanted to stand up for his cousin saying,

I really wanted to kind of be that voice he didn’t have, and for the other kids who are or were in his position. That was a really big driving force for me, as well as I have a lot of friends that are gay.

Previously, Michael Cimino also revealed that he received a lot of criticism, including death threats, for portraying a role of a gay man despite being straight in an interview with Attitude. He said,

I’ve definitely had some criticism from the LGBT community for being in the role… I’ve had death threats, which is horrible. But the show is important to me. The messages of hate — I came into it knowing that would happen, regardless of how good I was.

In a different interview, Michael Cimino even admitted that many people advised him against taking on a gay role for his first significant role. But the talented actor went against the advice and did what he felt was right. He accepted the task to play Victor because he wanted to eradicate the prejudice and stigma towards LGBT roles.

Michael Cimino’s Sexuality!

Michael Cimino identifies himself as straight. blurred-reality.comMichael Cimino identifies himself as straight.
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As mentioned above, Michael Cimino identifies as straight. However, he did state that nobody “is 100 percent straight” when talking about sexuality in a 2020 interview with NBC News saying,

I don’t want to put myself in a box and put myself in a position where if I were to come out as bi or as gay 10 years from now, that I was defending an identity that was being true to myself…I don’t feel that anyone is 100 percent straight or 100 percent wherever you lie on the scale. I feel like sexuality is not necessarily fluid. It’s more like a spectrum. And so finding out where you lie on that is important.