Is Graham Parkhurst Gay? Who Is the Glamorous Cast’s Partner?

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Is Graham Parkhurst Gay? Who Is the Glamorous Cast’s Partner?

Yes, Graham Parkhurst from Glamorous is gay by sexuality and has been publicly open about it. Talking about his relationships, the Glamorous cast is unmarried and does not appear to have a partner.

In simple terms, Glamorous is a new 10-part Netflix frothy drama about a young, makeup-obsessed queer man named Marco Mejia (Love Victor‘s Miss Benny), who lands the job of his dreams when beauty mogul Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall) plucks him out of mall-makeover obscurity and hires him as her second assistant on the grounds that he and he alone knows what the modern customer wants.

And the new show has a lot to like, particularly the standout cast member Graham Parkhurst who plays Parker, the finance bro jock boyfriend of Miss Benny’s main character Marco. He is a Canadian actor, singer, voiceover artist, and Producer best known for his roles as Bastian Strayed in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Umbrella Academy, Titans, and Supergirl.

However, since the release of the series, many people have been wondering about Graham Parkhurst’s sexuality. People have been curious to know if he is gay in real life. Well, if you are interested to learn more about Graham’s sexuality, we are here to help.

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Graham Parkhurst From Glamorous Is Gay By Sexuality!

Since Graham Parkhurst‘s character in Glamorous is gay, many have wondered if he is gay in real life as well. And to let know, he recently declared in an interview with Yahoo! UK that he is openly gay. He told the outlet on June 22, 2023, that playing a gay character in a musical celebrating the LGBTQ+ community was a unique experience. He explained,

Getting the chance to play an openly gay character in a show of this magnitude is something I never thought would be possible in my career as a Canadian actor. There are certain limits we have as actors in Canada. We don’t have much of a star system here, so booking a larger role on an American produced project — and specifically a gay character — is one of those needle in a haystack situations.

Graham Parkhurst from Glamorous is gay in real life as well. blurred-reality.comGraham Parkhurst from Glamorous is gay in real life as well.
Image Source: Instgram

And as an openly gay male actor in the film and television industry, the show is a personally meaningful one for him. He continued,

I am so grateful for the experience and hope that once the world sees ‘Glamorous,’ more and more opportunities like this will open up for actors of all identities, and hopefully we’ll see more Canadians in larger roles.

Likely, Graham Parkhurs also stated that he expects the audience would enjoy this presentation. He praised the show as campy, quirky, fun, dramatic, and just the right amount of gay. He believes that anyone who feels othered should demand to be represented. He continued, “A lot of LGBTQIA2S+ stories focus on the trauma faced as queer people, but Glamorous focuses on the love and acceptance which I think will resonate well with audiences.”

Furthermore, if you wanna know more about Graham Parkhurst and his life you can follow him on his Instagram handle (@grammycardiff). As of June 23, 2023, the Glamorous cast has approximately 8,000 followers, a figure that will undoubtedly rise as more and more new fans begin binge-watching the series. Currently, he has been blogging a lot about Glamorous, but most of his posts are of himself, including this one, which may make your heart skip a beat.

Who Is Graham Parkhurst’s Partner?

Graham Parkhurst doesn't seem to have a partner. blurred-reality.comGraham Parkhurst doesn’t seem to have a partner.
Image Source: Instagram

Based on the evidence, it is reasonable to conclude that Graham Parkhurst from Glamorous is still unmarried and doesn’t appear to be in a relationship with anyone, implying that the Glamorous cast currently does not have a partner. As a result, it is safe to say that the actor might be focusing on his career instead of being in any kind of relationship so far.

Even though our writer has made every effort to locate Graham Parkhurst’s girlfriend/wife/dating history via social media and academic credentials, it has not been very successful so far, leading us to believe that he has even not been in a relationship before. We’ll we will update this page as soon as we learn more about him and his love life.