Is Cunk on Earth Scripted/Staged? Reddit Users Wonder if the Experts Are Real!

Bikram Karki

Is Cunk on Earth Scripted/Staged? Reddit Users Wonder if the Experts Are Real!

Cunk on Earth on Netflix is not completely scripted/staged. While most of the jokes are made up, the interviews and technical facts, such as the existence of people like Genghis Khan or the years of the Dark Ages, are entirely true. And yes, the experts are true as well.

Philomena Cunk is back with a spoof documentary series titled Cunk on Earth on Netflix about the pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and philosophy. It’s perfectly surreal and occasionally truly insightful.

Philomena Cunk has broadened her horizons after educating the nation in Cunk on Britain. The presenter is now offering a six-part documentary on the big picture. Forget about the history of these islands; here she is with Cunk on Earth. The eager-to-learn presenter, played by Diane Morgan, has set her sights on the entire history of human civilization, from prehistoric times to the present day. She mocks doctors, speaks with leading academics, and wanders around looking at things that may or may not be related to what she is talking about.

A show like Cunk on Earth is difficult to dislike given the premise and the hilarious punches that the viewers are treated to. Only the conversations are conventional, and the interviewer’s questions frequently leave the person in front of them scratching their heads. While it’s amusing to see how the comedian and the experts react, one has to wonder if it’s as realistic as the showrunners would have you believe. Fortunately, we are here to investigate and inform you on the subject!

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Cunk on Earth: The Netflix Show Is Not Completely Scripted/Staged as the Jokes That Have You Rolling on the Floor Are Not Entirely Fake!

Cunk on Earth is not entirely scripted, and the jokes that have you rolling on the floor are not entirely staged. Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker) of Black Mirror fame is responsible for the creation of Philomena Cunk. The character was created to be a part of various skits on Weekly Wipe, and it quickly gained popularity among viewers. Cunk soon had her own BBC mockumentary series, Cunk on Britain, which aired for five seasons between 2016 and 2018.

Diane Morgan takes Cunk around the world in the Netflix show, which is a continuation of the BBC show. But, how genuine are the interviews? For the featured experts, these discussions are as real as it gets. “They are just told they are being interviewed for a BBC history documentary, I think. They are quite flattered and are keen to explain their area of expertise. We are not taking the piss out of them, but it’s nice to see them struggling and having to recalibrate their ideas,” the comedian told the Evening Standard.

It turns out, Morgan has a lot of fun playing the role of Philomena Cunk. While she and the showrunners have a plan for how to catch their guests, it is up to the comedian to make the most of these interactions. She explained, “Nothing you can say is wrong and you can do away with social niceties. You can do exactly what you want. It’s really freeing, I don’t need to worry. I prefer being her than me. The interviews were the most enjoyable aspect. I get a list of questions but you never know how it will go — it’s my favorite bit as there are less lines to learn.”

Anyone would be tickled by the inquiries made by the Cunk during the numerous interviews. Morgan must act as if her questions are genuine concerns and that she is serious from the bottom of her heart. Needless to say, the interviewees are perplexed that, despite the professional demeanor of the person in front of them, the actual questions are far from what they expected. Meanwhile, viewers at home will find Cunk’s question either hilarious or true. Regardless of the type of question, the outcome is guaranteed to make anyone laugh.

In other words, Cunk on Earth is a prank show that combines knowledge and laughter to the best of its ability. While the showrunners try to get a head start by preparing a few questions ahead of time, they tend to be general guidelines from which Morgan frequently deviates depending on how the person in front of her responds. The comedian’s sheer improvisation, combined with the experts’ determination to actually impart knowledge, makes for an entertaining experience.

Cunk on Earth’s Diane Morgan: Who Is She?

Diane Morgan (born October 5, 1975) is a British actress, comedian, television host, and writer who is best known for her roles as Liz in the BBC Two sitcom Motherland, and Kath in the Netflix dark comedy series After Life. She also wrote and starred in Mandy, a BBC Two comedy series.

Morgan is also best known for her portrayal of Philomena Cunk, an extremely dim-witted and ill-informed interviewer and current affairs commentator. The character first appeared on Charlie Brooker‘s Weekly Wipe as a regular segment (2013–2015). Cunk has since appeared in a number of other mockumentary settings. She hosted BBC Two’s Cunk on Christmas in December 2016.

Cunk on Britain, a five-part historical mockumentary, premiered on BBC Two in April 2018. Morgan also wrote Cunk on Everything: The Encyclopedia Philomena, which was published on November 1st by Two Roads. Morgan returned to BBC Two in December 2019 to reprise his role as Cunk in short episodes of Cunk and Other Humans. In May 2020, she appeared in a one-off episode of Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe titled Antiviral Wipe, which was about the COVID-19 pandemic. Cunk on Earth, another series, premiered in September 2022.

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