Pump up the Jam on Cunk on Earth: Know More About Technotronic’s Hit in the Netflix Series!

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Pump up the Jam on Cunk on Earth: Know More About Technotronic’s Hit in the Netflix Series!

Pump up the Jam has gained a lot of popularity since it has been featured on Netflix’s Cunk on Earth. Well, it is the first track of Technotronic’s debut album, Pump Up the Jam: The Album (1989). Follow to know more about it in detail.

On January 31, Netflix released yet another entertaining mockumentary series titled Cunk on Earth starring Diane Morgan as Philomena Cunk. In the series, Philomena encourages viewers to discover how far human civilization has advanced—or not—since the beginning of time.

For those who don’t know, Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, originally created Philomena Cunk in a number of sketches for his British television program Weekly Wipe. Since then, Cunk has developed a personality of her own, in large part due to Morgan’s wonderfully irreverent and deadpan portrayal of her.

The witty mockumentary that began with Cunk on Britain continues with Cunk on Earth. The six-part series was released to a global audience on Netflix even though it was technically released on the BBC in 2022. And we have to admit that the show is getting much more attention than we thought.

Apart from that, viewers have really been impressed with how the creators have used Technotronic’s Pump Up the Jam in the series. Well, let’s learn more about it in detail.

Pump up the Jam on Cunk on Earth: The Song Is Originally Sung by Technotronic!

Be prepared to have Technotronic‘s Pump Up the Jam stuck in your mind as Netflix’s Cunk on Earth uses the music and its video on different conflicts. Since then, many viewers have been wanting to learn about the original song.

Well, Pump Up the Jam is the first track on Technotronic’s debut album, Pump Up the Jam: The Album (1989). It was a worldwide smash when it was released as a single on August 18, 1989, and peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 in early 1990. Additionally, it reached its highest point in Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, and Spain.

As an early example of the hip-house genre, Pump Up the Jam has been described as a combination of hip-hop and deep house elements, and it has been regarded as the first house song to achieve success in the US.

Vocalist Ya Kid K of Technotronic was first overshadowed by Congolese model Felly Kilingi, who lip-syncs in the song video and was used as a promotional tool for the debut album cover. Ya Kid K eventually gained attention during a U.S. tour and a revised record cover that showed her rather than Felly. When DJ-producer D.O.N.S remixed the song in 2005, it topped the British Dance Chart. The tune was featured in 2011’s “A History of Modern Music: Dance” by The Guardian. Additionally, it was voted number 40 on Slant Magazine’s list of “The 100 Best Dance Songs of All Time” in 2020.

Additionally, Technotronic was a Belgian electronic music project founded in 1987 by Jo Bogaert, who gained recognition as a solo artist in Europe with different new beat projects such as Acts of Madmen and Nux Nemo. He co-produced the song, Pump Up the Jam, with rapper Manuela Kamosi; it was first made available as an instrumental under the name The Pro 24s.

What Is Cunk on Earth About?

In this sequel to Cunk on Britain, Philomena Cunk explores every continent in quest of the dawn of human history. In her humorous deadpan manner, she describes the Renaissance, the Pyramids, the formation of the earliest communities, and much more.

All of the interviews and scientific information in Cunk on Earth, including the presence of historical figures like Genghis Khan and the time period of the Dark Ages, are accurate. Cunk’s humorous commentary should, however, be taken with a grain of silly salt. For instance, cows and early humans never engaged in hostilities.

But if you pay carefully enough, you’ll also notice some scathing satire. Watch out for Brooker‘s timeless critique of contemporary politics, capitalism, and technology. The fact that olives, which they claimed to have “invented,” predate democracy would horrify the Greeks.

Prior to Cunk on Earth, Diane Morgan created Cunk on Britain, a documentary that showed Philomena Cunk’s valiant attempts to teach British history despite her complete ignorance of it. Unfortunately, Cunk on Britain is not yet available to stream on Netflix, making it difficult for Americans to watch. Perhaps it will be included by Netflix in the future.

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